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*product was received free for review

The Ticklish Giraffe Fan Fun Subscription Box is a monthly bath box brought to you by Etsy seller The Ticklish Giraffe. Each month promises not only a new theme but a new assortment of quirky and fun bath and lifestyle items. Subscriptions are $29.99 monthly. You can read our past review here

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Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the April Ice Scream Box and we have to say… we are pretty darn excited!
Everything that we received in the April “Ice Scream” Box. 
We weren’t sure that they could pull off something as good or better than the first box (because it was that good) but we really think they’ve outdone themselves!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert… super cute!
Ice Cream Cone Lollipop
Just a little something extra – this ice cream cone lollipop didn’t just look and smell sweet like the other items in this box. It was totally edible! Didn’t last long… no sir.
Nothing Rhymes with Orange Whipped Soap Parfait
How adorable is this packaging!? The spoon is utterly adorable and this whole look our whipped soap has going on is making us swoon!
Once opened we find the top is a loofah (in orange of course, our very favorite color)
And the bottom is our parfait soap which is dreamy smelling and perfect for shaving!
Butter Nuts My Space Spray
This spray is good for linens or on your body. Pretty much wherever you’d like. It smells very much like Butter Pecan. The actual scents used are Golden Maple, Vanilla Sugar and Buttercream. They all meld together to create this rich, warm scent
Just look at the label.. cures stinky coworker
Not So Thin Mint Sugar Mama Scrub
This smells AMAZING. It’s a coffee scrub so we get all of that good skin sloughing action with the amazing scent combination of cocoa and mint. The mint is so beautifully subtle, we cannot wait to use this!
It’s such a pretty scrub as well! There are green crystals on the top and everything. Super pleased to have received this!
Little Banana
As soon as we saw this we had a pretty good inclination of what was to come… 
This little cutie will surely get swallowed up by one of the kids and we wouldn’t have it any other way!
I Just Split My Pants – Mini Tubby Tornado Trio
Aha! That little banana was just a pleasant foreshadowing of this deliciously fun banana split bath bomb trio! While we are traveling at the moment we look forward to popping one (or two or three) of these in the tub once we return!
We cannot handle the hilarious TTG Labels! “Just think of it as cocoa… not the other brown stuff!”
Root Beer Me Dead Ed Wax Melt
This wax melt is by Dead Ed Wax, The hubby of The Ticklish Giraffe. We’ve never smelled a root beer scented candle or tart so we have to say, we were intrigued.
This is SPOT ON. Smells just like root beer and we are excited to pop this in now that it’s warming up outside. Fun scent (and there’s confetti!)

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Ticklish Giraffe Fan Fun Subscription Box is a fabulous bath box with a fun spirit. We love the playfulness and the cutesy themes! We really can’t get enough of this one to be honest! As far as presentation… do we even need to say? EXCELLENT! Quality – awesome sauce! Curation, we-scream for Ice Scream, seriously one of the most genuinely joyful boxes to unbox. Puts a huge smile on even our sinister-ly black heart. Kidding, sorta.
As far as box economy The Ticklish Giraffe Fan Fun Subscription costs $29.99 monthly and while most of the items are created specifically for this box and we can’t give an accurate price for them the two items that we actually could find prices on equalled $22! We think that is a fabulous deal! 
Perfect for the the quirky gal who bathes or as a gift for friend who needs a little pampering!

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