The Crafty Mail | Review + Unboxing | April 2016

*product was received free for review

The Crafty Mail is a monthly handmade subscription box that sends you a themed assortment of goodies from various small businesses and different etsy vendors. Subscriptions are $24.95 monthly

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Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside The Crafty Mail’s April “Anything Goes” Subscription Box
Everything that we received in the “Anything Goes” Box
Love this mix, it’s fun and cute and there’s a good deal of familiar vendors and new as well!

So what is all this stuff?

The Crafty Mail 
Fox Planner Clips
Love these pretty little glitter fox planner clips. The two colors that we received  beautifully together and are a perfect addition to any planner! 
Mercantile 519
Crochet Hair Pins
Love that we received this bow to compliment last month’s crochet ring – this cutie cute pink hair pin is definitely going to be stolen by one of the girls! Love Mercantile 519’s fun designs!
Love everything they have in their etsy shop! We browsed there for quite a while admiring all of their goods! 
The soap has pieces of lavender infused into the bar which is so incredible! The smell is only lightly lavender and more a creamy heady aroma. Can’t wait to use this!
Sweet Heart Jewels
Orange Jasper Bangle
We couldn’t find this exact bangle in their shop, however comparable bracelets were about $15. This orange jasper is not only unique but it’s also quite gorgeous and quite possibly our favorite item in this box (there were so many goodies this month though, it’s hard to decide)
Each of the four stones on the bangle were pretty and also one of a kind. One of our favorite things about natural gemstones is the individuality of each stone!
Sally Daisy Ink
Exclusive Planner Stickers
Sally Daisy Ink is a frequent The Crafty Mail contributor. The planner stickers they include are always cute and fun but these are probably our personal favorites! They are pretty and there’s a Pay Day sticker… nothing better than pay day!
Lunar Rocks 
Sunflower Keychain
This attractive sunflower is perfect for all the impending sunshine we are going to receive in Spring and Summer! Love this time of year when everything is growing and flourishing and this colorful crochet keychain is a great homage to that!
The Honest Asparagus
Mini Wooden Signs
Absolutely in love with this little wooden sign from The Honest Asparagus (also love the name)
They have so many amazing wooden home decor options on their etsy in such affordable prices, we think it’s awesome!
Since we are still traveling we haven’t found a home for this in our house yet but the friend we are staying with has this boss old organ and we think the two make great companions!
Kiper Creations
Spring Fling Tea
Each month Kiper Creations includes a fantastic tea bag to appease our senses! This month’s “Spring Fling” Tea had notes of Calendula, Cornflower, Orange Peel, Dried Cranberry, Marshmallow, Nettle, Skullcap, Oatstraw, Dried Strawberry, and Sprearmint. It was minty and delicious!
Studio SL2 
Mini Solo Cup
Studio SL2 is a frequent contributor to The Crafty Mail. Her inclusions are always unique and fun. This month we received a mini solo cup that says “what a joy to be young” 
Ain’t that the truth!
Tree Lover’s Co.
We love all of these natural gemstones on this pretty bracelet. The silver tone is our preferred jewelry tone as well. We loved browsing Tree Lover’s Co site looking at all the pretty hand stamped jewelry they do as well
This falls perfectly on our wrist and because of all the earthy, natural colors it goes with almost anything!
Heart Of Joy Creations 
Ribbon Planner Clips
LOVE this design. We believe this is the third contribution that Heart of Joy Creations has had in The Crafty Mail Box and it’s definitely our absolute favorite!
The arrow design is super pretty and simple and makes an excellent planner clip or bookmark

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Crafty Mail is always a great mix of fun and quirky and beautiful. We love that each month is consistent and we continually get items that we like and enjoy! This box is definitely a makers delight! Presentation is great, looks wonderful! Quality is awesome, we really love both of the beautiful bracelets that we received this month and think that they are excellent examples of handmade jewelry. Curation is fabulous! We love each theme The Crafty Mail chooses, this month’s “Anything Goes” was like the free space on BINGO; each artist really had an opportunity to put in something that was really “them” and we love that!
As far as box economy monthly boxes from The Crafty Mail are $24.95. Since items included in The Crafty Mail are exclusive it’s sometimes hard to find prices. This month we could only find about half of the items but the items we could find still totalled $41.50 which we think is awesome!

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