Pet Treater: Cat Box Edition | Review + Unboxing

The Pet Treater Cat Box is a limited edition box available from  Pet Treater. Pet Treater also has a monthly subscription box for dogs.The limited time only cat boxes are released periodically (check back for updates) and cost $24.99. The Pet Treater monthly subscription for dogs is also $24.99 with reduced rates with longer subscription terms.
*product was received free for review / post contains affiliate links

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Pet Treater Cat Box and our first thoughts are, that this box is huge! It’s packed with stuff!
Everything that we received in our Pet Treater Cat Box
This is such a fun box and full of fun products for our fur baby!

So what is all this stuff?

Paw Print Litter Mat
This was such an awesome inclusion! Typically with pet boxes you get a lot of cutesy stuff and treats. This litter mat is not only cute but also ridiculously useful. Happy to have received this as we would have bought one eventually anyway
The fibers are perfect for “catching” stray pieces of litter. Cleaning is as simple as shaking it off and if you really want, wash with some warm soapy water
Sport Pet Designs Scratch ‘n’ Climb
This is a fun cat contraption. The roof has a built on cat scratcher and underneath boasts a hanging ball. It’s like a little cat tent!
It was really simple to put together. Took us about 5 minutes total
The cat scratcher is made of a thick durable burlap like material. Perfect for kitty claws
Sport Pet Designs Bumblebee Catnip Toy
This bumble bee is not only silly but also hilariously cute. Our prediction is that  Swifty will enjoy this quite a bit!
Krislin Frog Cat Toy
This little frog toy comes with it’s own container of cat nip. We know toys like this are Swifty’s favorite. Any toy that has a little fake fur really makes her want to attack…. may have something to do with this (hehe enjoy)
Smart n’ Tasty Feline Dental Treats
These grain-free, gluten-free, soy free and dairy free treat are all natural and promote clean teeth! They also come in a little fish shape and coincidentally are made with real ocean fish. 
Simple Solution Calming Bathing Wipes
There are 8 of these super thick cloths included. Each cloth is a complete bath for a cat. While we don’t bathe Swifty (she bathes herself in her own cat way) the idea of being able to clean her (without water – because she would NOT be happy about that) is quite appealing. We are looking forward to trying these out
More Stuff on my Cat Book
We used to love browsing through “Stuff on my Cat
We no longer have to because all we have to do is simply pick up our book!
Just remember when you are down, you aren’t a cat with a lobster on it’s head
Red Barn Cat Treats
This package is hilarious! Mr. Sparkles is the curmudgeon spokescat for these grain free, chicken flavored treats that are shaped… like little chickens!
These snacks are definitely a healthy alternative to most other treats you find in local stores
Energize Roll-On Catnip
We’ve seen catnip in it’s natural form and also in the spray form but seeing it in this roll on form is a first for us. Definitely a great way to entice your reluctant kitty to try new things!

Okay, so now what?

We had a pamper Swifty night… Penelope decided this because she really, really wanted to use the roll-on catnip.
Here she is rolling it on the new cat tent
While she did that the cat became really relaxed by the cat nip. We decided this would be the best time to try the calming cat bathing wipes.
These do smell really nicely of chamomile. 
Unfortunately, Swifty still isn’t that hands on and she skittered off looking like this!
Here she is attacking the frog toy
And again.
Just having fun with all her new goodies!
Eating a yummy Red Barn Treat and hanging out
Crying for more! This cat is the biggest baby. MOM, FIFTEEN TREATS IS NOT ENOUGH. NEED MORE TREATS. 
Hours later and she is still holed up over there in her little cat tent! She really loves her new stuff!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Pet Treater Cat Box is presented excellently. The box is super cute and everything arrives exactly as it should. The quality is awesome, we love all of the items that we received. And the two treats that we received were both healthy alternatives to many of the treats that are available in our local grocery and pet stores. As far as curation we think this is an excellent grouping of fun, cute, useful, and quirky cat items! We particularly love the frog… because our Swift-speare loves it so much!
As far as box economy the Pet Treater Cat Box costs $24.99 and while there were a few items we couldn’t find prices for the items that we could find totalled $65! That is so awesome, such a great deal! This box is perfect for any cat lover and owner!

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