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*product was received free for review

Mission Unboxable is a monthly secret agent subscription for kids. Each month your child will receive science spy kits and top secret missions! Subscriptions are $45 for 3 months with reduced prices for longer subscription terms. You can also purchase singular missions and buy the Mission Unboxable Briefcase and disguises for secret agent parties!

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Mission Unboxable Box
Looks very “top secret”
The two missions that we received for this month!
The girls were dying to know what was inside! 
Aren’t you?

So what is all this stuff?

Mission 1
Mission 1 involved choosing a disguise and developing your agents character! Perfect for the imagination of a child. 
The sheet explains that not only should we don some new garb to get incognito, we should probably fake an accent or even a limp. And of course a la Inspector Gadget the message is going to self destruct!
Fake mustaches to help us complete our look
Black sunglasses so no one can accurately gauge our reactions!
And finally for the first mission a fill in paper where we draw ourselves in our new persona on a wanted sign
Mission 2
Mission 2 involves creating our secret agent code name and then creating our secret agent badge
The paper explains how we choose our name
These two small envelopes contain the words we use to parse together our new alias
There are a lot of possibilities, what will ours be?
The instructions for creating our top secret badge and also our badge template
And of course our ID case

Okay so now what?

The first thing we did was put on mustaches because you only live once
Clearly, we are all the most handsome. EVER.
Belle was the first to come up with her secret agent persona.
She called herself Mrs. Stripes
Penny was next
She calls herself Madame Foo-foo
and she really got into character and was out of hand serious for uncomfortably long
:insert benny hill music:
The kids then filled in the Wanted sheet. I hate to say it but… I’d turn ’em both in! 
Sorry guys but mama needs a new pair of shoes!
Our next matter of business was Mission 2
Our two envelopes. One contains an adjective and the other a noun
Penny’s first selection. She didn’t like it so we chose again
Her second selection and I’m pretty sure this is the raddest code name ever but she is not happy
She wants to mix and match and finally decides on “Midnight Ninja”
She fills in her badge
And then wears it with pride!
Looking all serious!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. Mission Unboxable is a fun way to get your children into learning and using their imaginations. We love, love the presentation and think the briefcase is an awesome prop! The quality is great as well. And curation is a home run! The kids were excited to open this up and were still excited about this after we had done the missions. It turned a light on inside of them and with children you have to take those sorts of opportunities and seize them! 
As far as box economy the Mission Unboxable subscription averages out to about $15 a month. What we pay for with most subscriptions of this nature is the gathering of not only resources but also the ideas and thought behind the activities and missions. Getting kids excited and interested is priceless in our opinion so we definitely think this subscription is worth every penny!

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