What’s Up Wednesday?!

Right here is the reason (primarily) for the halt in What’s Up Wednesday posts!
I’ve been painting, traveling, had houseguests, and a KILLER stomach bug… happy Spring!
So yes, check. Lower level of my home painted.. in my faves gray and orange and another light gray for our base… you’ll see it in future photos… don’t fret!

What Else?

April is my birthday month! Mr. I’m Not a Tree took me out for a night on the town.
We got Tapas at a fancy place in ILLadelphia
Picture taken after a few glasses of wine… don’t hate
April is also Oliver and Vivienne’s birthday month… so clearly we partied our tushies off!

Oh yeah… our trip to Boston!

Unlike our honeymoon which was a chronological tour of my husbands time there we decided this trip would be a touristy one and we took the duck boat ride!
 We followed this with a trip to the Boston Museum of Science where we saw….a lightening show!
Probably one of the coolest things ever. 


Found this mutant dandelion in our backyard… :insert conspiracy theory here:
Belle joined soccer and my husband is the goal coach!
We also check out the Daniel Boone Homestead and I took a ton of pictures I’m pretty proud of
And we made peanut brittle which is actually pretty exciting

What we’re listening to?

Kind of lame… but it’s pretty and has a special place in our hearts!


The New Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is on Netflix! 
Well that’s it until next week (hopefully)
What are you guys up to ? 
Let me know below!

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