Boxwalla Food Subscription Box | Review + Unboxing | April 2016

*product was received free for review

The Boxwalla Food Box is one of four specialty subscription boxes offered by The Boxwalla. Boxes are bi-monthly and hand curated for the utmost quality. Subscriptions are $49.95 

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the April Boxwalla Food Box
Are you excited? Because we are pretty dang excited!
Everything that we received in the April Boxwalla Food Box. The theme for this box is “An Afternoon Tea Party”

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert that explains what we received in our box and why
This gorgeous apron in a “Black Diamond” print is absolutely perfect! Made of a light yet durable canvas fabric by Vine Street Market USA
If you watched the unboxing you know that we were super excited that we could tie this apron in the front… which none of the aprons that we have at the moment are capable of! And yes, this photo feels awkward
Someone was making this photo just a wee bit difficult!
This is one of the most complex flavors that we’ve ever tried! And by the looks of their site… they are quite fond of unique pairings. 
A combination of pears, brown sugar, dried figs, red wine, balsamic vinegar, raisins, and mustard. The flavor of this spread lit up our tastebuds and we think this is just a fabulous addition to a tea party or any gathering!
We’ve had half a baguette in our freezer and decided we’d fancy it up with this Mostarda. It did not disappoint folks!
Wow is all we can say. At first this looks like an average (albeit small) cookie. These cookies have so much flavor… so much character! We were pretty surprised
The first is this Whole Grain Espresso Bean Cookie. The chocolate is present, however we think the premise of this is to dip in coffee or tea and so the grain is our prominent flavor. It has a crumbly texture and is wonderous!
Our second is this Burnt Sugar and Fennel Cookie. We had a distinct taste of licorice and had to look up the ingredients to see it was in fact fennel (which always confuses our mouth and makes us think it’s black licorice). The texture of this shortbread was a little more taffy like that the other two and is definitely the most “traditional” of the cookies
The final and our absolute favorite is this Salted Rosemary… where do we start? It’s savory and buttery and you just need to try it! Amazing!
Wahoo! Our very favorite tea is Rose Tea. Just putting that out there! So to have received a rose tea blend in this box is so fantastic! It really never happens and so, we are reveling in this!
You can see the berries and rose petals. This is such a fragrant tea. And since it’s made by a perfumerie we have to say we aren’t that surprised
Our tea infuser betrayed us and let out some leaves. But as you can see from the color this has a black tea base and the flavor is phenomenal! 
While we were excited to have received this it was eclipsed by the rose tea. And then we tried it…
A luscious green tea with night blooming jasmine, vanilla beans, violet extract, and beautiful blue cornflowers. The scent is out of this world!
This light tea is one of the most amazing that we’ve ever tried… and describing the flavor is hard. 
Our Mom used to eat these mints. Chowards Violet Mints? Do you remember them? The flavor of this tea is very close to the flavor of these mints.

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, presentation. The presentation of the Boxwalla Boxes is always amazing. Everything is wrapped carefully and there’s attention to detail and mindfulness and thoughtfulness about the customer. The quality … BOOM! Such a hit. The items included in this box are award winning products that are unique and amazing! The curation is fab! Definitely received everything we could possibly need for an amazing tea party with our gal pals! 
This box is perfect for the foodies, for anyone who likes to try new things without the hassle of weeding out the not so great! We get an amazing amount of brand awareness with this box and that is why we love it so!
As far as box economy the Boxwalla Food Subscription Box costs $49.95 and for that we received $53 in items. We think that is an awesome deal.

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