Why We Love Sheet Masks- When Mask Review

*product received free for review

We love sheetmasking! So when the opportunity arose to review these When Sheet Masks we were more than happy to give them a whirl. We received two. The first “Glamour Base” for special occasions. And the second “Snow Magic” for brightening.

What are the benefits of Sheet Masks?

  • Ultimate Hydration
  • Easy Application
  • An excuse to relax
  • A great way to recover from a rough night or medical procedures

How to use?

There are many different types of sheet masks and they all have benefits and different defining qualities, which is part of the fun. We get to pick a product that is tailored almost specifically to our skin. Always remember masking is in addition to your normal skin routine. Do not abandon your normal face products. Having said that, sheet masks make absolutely fabulous complimentary skincare items!
When Snow Magic
This Snow Magic Sheet Mask makes your skin more clear and brighter. It has a lightly lemon scent and is cool and refreshing
This mask uses Aloe Vera and Arbutin Extracts for a youthful glow.
The mask itself is kind of jelly feeling and is made of coconut juice and infused with Hyaluronic Acid and ginseng. It contains no Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates and is vegan and gluten free.
When Glamour Base
This When “Glamour Base” Mask is perfect before an evening out where you’ll be wearing makeup. This lends your skin an even, supple tone.
While preparing your skin this also uses Adenosine, Collagen and Peptides for added elasticity.


The When Masks have three layers. There’s a plastic layer, the actual gel mask layer, and a paper top layer. We like to remove the plastic apply the mask and then remove the paper. But you could remove both the paper and plastic before applying.
The application for both masks is exactly the same. Start with a clean face and apply – adjusting as needed. Leave on for thirty minutes and dispose. We like to rub the mask into our skin as we wear it. And of course there’s no need to rinse afterwards, just rub the remaining moisture into skin.

So in summary 

We love sheet masking and feel like our skin benefits in so many different ways but primarily we get so much added hydration and it’s a fun and relaxing way to spend 30 minutes on ourselves! These When Masks are no different and we love the reinvigoration that comes with doing this sort of skincare! Definitely recommend these in addition to your weekly skin routine. Definitely a great added bonus!

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