Stitch Fix Subscription | Fix #2 | Review + Unboxing

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Stitch Fix is a monthly personal styling subscription that tailors a monthly “fix” especially for you – from your stylist. Each month your styling fee is $20 which can be put towards your purchase if you decide to keep some or all of the items. There is also a 20% discount if you decide to keep each item.

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Stitch Fix Subscription Box this month
Our fix… we aren’t sure how to take a picture of a bunch of clothes at once. 
Our first month is much better in comparison

So what is all this stuff?

Market & Spruce Polka Dot Print Top
Ideally, this would be a size smaller. Of course this is our own fault. We went with a medium when we signed up just to be sure we didn’t receive anything too small. And after that we are kind of liking this. The collar is not the kind that is folded over, it’s one piece of fabric like a priest (sorry only comparison we could think of) and we really like the polka dots so we were jazzed to try this on
Couple things that make this all wrong… it wrinkles WAY too easily for our taste and it looks like a tent! The cut is tapered so the bottom is wider and we just.. can’t hang with that! It felt like a maternity top
Skies Are Blue Crochet Detail Top
This is pretty! Love the detail although, we’re pretty sure it’s the reason this tank top (because essentially that’s what this is) is a little pricey! The pattern and cut are also really pretty!
The crochet detail is quite becoming!
It’s a very nice bohemian feeling summer shirt. 
Laila Jayde Dolman Sleeve Top
Okay, firstly this is dang expensive! Having said that the fabric is really nice and soft. Unfortunately that is the only thing. I could see immediately that this cut was not one we’d seek out and buy but we tried anyway.
Why do I have wings? And way to photobomb Vivienne!
We made a short video but ultimately scrapped it… this top was just – such a disappointment.
Market & Spruce V-Neck Knit Top
Okay, we can work with this. The cut isn’t our style but this is trendy right now and the fabric is really soft and comfy. Our stylist Rachel said she chose tops that would take us from Spring all the way to Summer and we can see how this would be applicable. We also really like the colors and the stripes!
It felt the most “like us” and thus we knew we’d be a lot more comfortable in it
In the end though, we felt there was just a little too much fabric hanging down for us to commit to this price. 
Renee C Maxi Skirt
Okay, there’s a couple things we need to make clear. We made a video wearing this and the turquoise blouse from above but scrapped it so we don’t have any photos wearing this skirt. We like that this was a petite and we really love that Stitch Fix offers that but that’s about where the love ends. The smoothing material is great for thinning us out but also gives it a school marmy look… and it’s floor length so… not us, at all. The colors are pretty but NOT in this pattern. The stylist said this was “cute” we would say this is “kaleidescopic” 

So in summary

We don’t mean to sound negative about our fix and we think part of the problem is that we didn’t review what we received last month and since we didn’t keep anything they may have assumed we didn’t like the items. We already reviewed these items so hopefully next month is one we can’t resist! 
Despite this month’s less than awesome items we like this service and are looking forward to our next Fix from Stitch Fix.
We received $256 in items and if we had kept our fix we would have only had to pay $172

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