The Ticklish Giraffe: Fan Fun Subscription Box | Review + Unboxing

*product was received free for review

The Ticklish Giraffe is an etsy bath line that specializes is fun, quirky, and unique scents. They have a monthly subscription called the Fan Fun Subscription Box that sends a themed assortment of bath goodies each month for $29.99. It’s fun and quirky and as you can see above concerned about the loss of weiner’s (hehe) because that’s a real problem!

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside The Ticklish Giraffe Fan Fun Subscription Box for the month of May!
We so look forward to this box each month!
Everything that we received in our “Off the Grid” themed Fan Fun Subscription Box!
What a fun selection and we also have to say, we love the adorable labels!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert that details all of the items that we received this month
The back of our insert has a $5 off The Ticklish Giraffe Coupon Code (good for any in shop purchase over $5.50, excluding shipping and subscription boxes)
Eew Bugs Bug Repellent
The perfect inclusion to any camping subscription box is a bit of bug repellent! We love the label and are really excited that we received this – the bugs eat us alive in the Spring and Summer
This .33 ounce tube has a cocoa butter base and contains natural fragrances like Cedarwood, Peppermint, Geranium, Lemongrass, and Citronella to keep the skeeters away! 
This is really light on the skin and doesn’t leave a residue. Because it’s all natural we feel comfortable using this on the kids as well
CAMP-GEE-RAF-EE Shea and Aloe Body Butter
Sooooooo in love with this scent and formula! The scent in “Get Toasted” and smells like marshmallows! A tempting blend of sweet, sugary scents that you can’t eat!
This formula is thick and nourishing and ever so heavenly. Perfect for after bath this 2 ounce container will not last us long… we’ve been rubbing this all over ever since we received it!
Dead Fish Tell No Tales Hand Soap
This bar of cucumber and carrot scented hand soap is not only perfect for the theme but also hilarious and fun! 
We aren’t sure if this is an accurate representation of the smell of fish but we got a good laugh out of the presentation of this soap! It smells of fresh cucumber and is sure to get people’s attention!
Snake in the Grass Bath & Shower Tea
Bath teas are kind of a new thing for us but we definitely enjoy them! What a great way to unwind and with this amazing floral scent you can’t go wrong!
You can use this in either the bath or the shower. To use in shower all you have to do is hang from your shower head – we didn’t know this and are extremely happy to learn this is an alternative to using the teas in a bath
Night Owl Tubby Tornado
Imagine you can bring the night sky home with you after a camping trip… that’s what the Night Owl Tubby Tornado is like! Want to see it go off? Follow us on Instagram where we’ll share a video of the tubby tornado in action sometime this week!
Because of the cedar-y and woodsy scent of this bath bomb we were immediately smitten! Definitely our favorite item in this TTG Fan Fun Subscription Box
Fun Beans
You can count on one or two “just for fun” items being included in the TTG Fan Fun Subscription Box and the May Box was no exception. We received beans to plant. 
These are the coolest beans ever! Once they grow they have the words printed on them! 
Very excited to have received a couple of these little guys!
Squirrel Nuts Glow Stick Hand Sanitizer
This name is hilarious! And we are told on the label that just because this is a glowstick it is NOT MADE from radioactive squirrel parts. This hand sani doesn’t smell like sanitizer at all, all we can smell is warm hazelnut. We love that you can clip this to your keychain and have it while you are out and about. We did try to take a picture of this glowing in the dark but our phone wouldn’t cooperate!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Ticklish Giraffe Fan Fun Subscription Box is probably the most fun we’ve ever had unboxing a subscription box. It’s also had the most amazing scents we’ve ever received. This month in particular we found the scents to be so enticing, we just couldn’t get enough of them! The presentation of this box from start to finish is AWESOME. The labeling and cheeky humor is so fun! We wish every box could be as fun as The Ticklish Giraffe! The quality is fabulous. The Shea and Aloe lotion is on point! We are going to run out of that stuff before we finish writing this review! Curation… what can we say? The reviews speak for themselves! Each month is new, we love that they keep it fresh with new products, scents and themes. Nothing feels repetitive and there’s nothing in this subscription box that we don’t like!
Definitely a box for any bath lover, a delight for the senses and a quirky girls best frannn’

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