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*product was received free for review

Suntreau Box is an online shop that sells themed boxes and one off items. Not a subscription box as much as it is a shop with regular themed boxes. Items from Suntreau Box ship from Australia (ouu fancy!) and the box that we received costs $24.95 Australian Dollar which makes it $18.25 USD. Each box will be priced differently based upon individual value. Shipping to the US is a flat $18.79

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Suntreau Box. The theme for this first debut box is aptly, “Beginnings”
Everything that we received in the “Beginning” themed box!
We LOVE this! Such a fun mix of cute and useful items!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert details everything that we received in this box
Kelly Lane Wall Plaque
We sort of feel like this is the centerpiece for this box. It perfectly exemplifies the theme and feeling of this assortment of items. We love the colors and while we haven’t figured out exactly where we are going to put this yet we know this will adorn one of our favorite spaces!
Johanna Basford Notebook
We love Johanna Basford’s fun floral prints and are really glad to have received this! A great addition to our collection – love the gold pops on the cover!
You can jot ideas or thoughts here. Since this is a box of beginnings why not start hammering out the details of your dreams! Start something great, right now!
Blank pages so you can doodle, draw, create music. Whatever your little heart desires!
 Happy Day Pens
These cute pens from Happy Day are perfect to write in your new journal! And they write in PURPLE! Holla!
The best part is that these are super fine tipped so you can write as beautifully (or “un”beautifully) as you’d like! 
Pencil Case
This is probably our favorite item in this box. We love that there’s a dressform on it and that it could be a pencil case or a makeup case… the choice is ours!
The inside is a really cool seersucker print! Perfect size for our new pens!
Whatever Watch
The most fun item in this box! “Whatever, I’m Late Anyway” watch by Ziz is a testament to the fact that it’s NEVER too late to start! 
While we are the antithesis of late we kind of like this watch for it’s irony. And it looks really cool as well! We actually wore this to open house at our daughter’s school and received a number of comments on it – definitely a conversation piece!

So in summary

While this isn’t a subscription box in the traditional sense we can still judge it based on the things we look for in one; quality, curation, and presentation. The Suntreau Box is presented well, we think it’s awesome that it’s come half way around the world and is in mint condition! Quality, is wonderful. This box is full of great items and we really love the wall plaque and notebook in particular! Curation is EXCELLENT. The theme of this box and each item included tie in perfectly together to create a great experience. The feeling overall unboxing this was ethereal and pretty and just delicate. A very feminine assortment of beautiful items! 

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