Peaches and Petals Subscription Box | Review + Coupon | May 2016

Peaches and Petals is a monthly women’s lifestyle subscription box that sends a fun and quirky themed set of items. Subscriptions are $19.95 monthly – you can use coupon codes PEACH-JUNE50 PEACH-JUNE25 and PEACH-JUNE10 respectively for 50%, 25%, or 10% off your first subscription box. But hurry there are limited numbers and once they are gone they’re gone!
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
We swore there was going to be another box inside the giant box we received this month – to our surprise there was not. Here is our first glimpse inside
Everything that we received in our May Peaches and Petals “Let’s Get Together” themed subscription box. This is such an amazing assortment of items and it just may be our favorite yet!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts that detail everything that we received, let us know what next month’s theme is (Under the Boardwalk), and give us a coupon for 25% off Dazzlebomb!
Our letter that explains why the box was so large this month. Of course it’s because it’s filled with even more treasure – we can’t be mad at that!
And another Hello Fresh Coupon 
Charades in a Box
Break the ice with a fun game like charades. And since this is “Rock and Roll” you can immediately weed out your soul brothers and sisters!
So, this is for four or more players which means we haven’t been able to play yet but we’re pretty sure when we do play this we are going to WIN. Can you sense our competitiveness? 
Cocktail Napkins
Hilariously witty and an excellent way to get people livened up and talking to each other without making them feel awkward or uncomfortable. Can we get an AMEN?! And they also encourage us to drink… which pretty much makes them our favorite. Ever.
Melamine Cutting Board
This unbreakable cutting board doubles as a serving platter for any of your many gatherings (we know that you have many!) We love this festive pattern and think this would make a great decorative display for cheeses or fruits
Paper Party Straws 
We received a set of 20 paper straws as our “box surprise”. We can’t say enough how adorable we find these. Paper straws are cute but somehow paper straws with little five o’clock somewhere signs are even more appealing. Perfect as a way to differentiate drinks as well, these are sure to be a hit at your next cocktail party!
Chalkboard Pennant Kit
This is such an awesome addition to any party. Whether it’s inside or outside these chalkboard pennant banners are totally customizable and tons of fun! Best part? Totally reusable!
The pennants have fun and colorful polka dot and striped designs that universalize the look. We can see how the items in this box are really coming together and have a “look” that is somewhat uniform and we just love that! We can’t wait to use this banner!
Paper Medallions
As crazy as this sounds… we never knew what these were called. We’ve used them at tons of our parties and absolutely love them and now we can put a name to a face!
This kit includes all the materials to create 6 medallions. We love the colorful prints that are included. This is a perfect selection for a spring or summer gathering. Bright pops of color go a long way in party decor!
Chalkboard Party Arrow Kit
Admittedly, we can’t really use these in the manner they are meant for. We just don’t have enough area and most of our parties are for kids… which keeps us contained to small areas. However, we think these would be great as reminders for our kids; in our hall closet as a reminder to hang coats and put away shoes, in our bathroom to remind them to brush teeth and other areas we know they can use a gentle nudge.
Love that these are also reusable! These could also make great organizer labels as well. There are tons of applications for these cute arrows!

Party Tasting Set
This gorgeous white set has six pieces in total and makes a perfect centerpiece for your most decadent appetizers.
You could make absolutely anything look beautiful with this aesthetically pleasing flower shaped tasting set! We are definitely going to make our mother in law put some escargot in these bad boys!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The May Peaches and Petals Subscription Box was excellent. We love this theme and we thought this box was an absolute smash! As far as presentation, we’ve got to hand it to them for always keeping us guessing. Totally huge-normous box, love it! The quality is awesome. We think the tasting set is beautiful and the DIY party decorations are absolutely perfect. The curation is unheard of great. Every single item in this box matches perfectly with the theme but beyond that the items match each other! We adore when that happens and couldn’t be any happier with this months Peaches and Petals Subscription Box. 
As far as box economy the Peaches and Petals Subscription Box costs $19.95 and while we couldn’t find a couple of the items prices the items that we could find totalled $44.50 ALONE! Definitely think we get a lot of bang for our buck with this subscription box! 
And remember you can use coupon codes 
 and PEACH-JUNE10 
 for 50%, 25%, or 10% off your first subscription box. But hurry there are limited numbers and once they are gone, they’re gone!

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