What’s Up Wednesday

I haven’t done this piece in a while! To be honest I always remember Wednesday pieces on Thursday so I try to carry all the fun stuff over to the next week but of course I forget!
We had new kitchen floors put in. 

So of course I got chair covers that complimented all the work we’ve been putting in. I love the navy and orange together. That is why, it is my motif!
The first of (hopefully) many radishes! Admittedly, I plucked it a bit too soon!
Belle and I lushing out! We used the Rosy Cheeks Fresh Masks that you can only buy in stores at Lush. It’s amazing! It smells so dreamy!
That’s about it! 

So what am I watching?

Well firstly I’ve almost finished the 2nd season of Grace and Frankie
But also tonight we are watching 
OUUU So excited!

So what is up with you guys!?
Let us know – down below!

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