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We got to try out one of… the coolest coolers ever. 
with the coolest name ever

Stay Cool Hot Stuff 

So what is it?

The correct question is, what are they? And they are a line of German engineered coolers and carrying “agents” With 4 different styles there’s definitely something in here to meet your needs. 
These foam coolers made with Polypropylene (the same stuff in helmets) can keep your drinks and food hot or cold for up to 10 hours. They are completely collapsible AND DISHWASHER SAFE. What, what?!

Let’s Meet Them

Probably our favorite of the four coolers. This cooler serves two awesome purposes. First to chill your wine. Second it serves as a shield for your precious, precious juice! 
This can also hold liquor bottles as well, because we tested it out of course! So, clearly you could keep almost any drink in here you wanted to keep cold or hot. This is an excellent option if you commute. 
This is the “best bet” if you aren’t sure which of the four to go with. A classic cooler size to accommodate most needs. With a 24 quart volume it can hold quite A LOT.
This cooler won’t weigh you down, weighing in at less than 2 lbs – this is great for you Moms (holla) that want to keep things cool in the car when out shopping but aren’t quite done with your errands yet!
A little peek inside! Also, while we didn’t photograph it because we think the video at the forefront of this review is telling enough. Our kids stood on this and to our utter amazement — it’s still intact.
[Viv Cameo]
Maybe you need a little more than the Classic but don’t have space for the XL. Then the premium is your answer. This has all the characteristics of the Classic but holds 26 quarts and is silver and black as opposed to white and black. 
This gives you a good idea of how each piece comes apart and can be cleaned separately. This is probably one of the most enticing features in our opinion because it’s SOOOOO easy to store! 
The Cadillac of the Flip Boxes this HUGE. [I mean really, look at the wine cooler inside this bad boy!] cooler can transport the Costco Moms (HOLLA AGAIN) as well as you tailgaters that really enjoy tailgating. This is also an amazing idea for teams to keep players drinks cool and any of your other outdoor gatherings! The possibilities are endless really!
This giant, mammoth cooler holds 10.3 gallons. Another great option for a cooler like this (we saw a pic on the Stay Cool Hot Stuff Site) is for fishing. Makes an ideal way of storing your fresh catches!

So in summary

We’re pretty sure as far as coolers are concerned these are the coolest and the hottest… hehe. 
Great for any outdoor gathering, barbecue, errand run, tailgate party, or potluck. We love that these can be broken down and thrown into the dishwasher and finally, tucked away! These save so much space! We put the Classic in our trunk for grocery store trips and the premium in Mr. I’m Not a Tree’s car. We are super pumped about the wine carrier as well, we love that it’s multi functional. Basically these coolers are the bees knees and everyone needs to have one. 
Until You Do 

Stay Cool Hot Stuff

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  1. I love my 60 csn cooler so much I bought a second one for my husband’s truck and a 12 can one for my golf cart. Best cooler I have ever owned.

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