Terra Bella Beauty Box | Review + Unboxing | May 2016

*product was received free for review

Terra Bella Box is a monthly all natural and organic beauty subscription box. From skincare to makeup to bath bombs this box covers the gamut. There are two different price levels; the Terra Bella Lite which has 2-3 items and is $16.95 + shipping or the Terra Bella Original which has 5-6 items and is $34.95 + shipping. 
Use code TREEBONUS for a free item in your first box (good on any subscription length – not valid on terra bella lite)

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
As always we have the pretty green tissue inside our May Terra Bella Subscription Box
Everything that we received in the “Bloom Where You are Planted” May Box
Okay, so we LOVE Terra Bella Box, if you read the blog you know that. But this month was AMAZING. Our favorite EVER!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert that details everything that we received, has a subscriber only coupon code and has our June Sneak Peek, a Dermadeli Vitamin C Serum!
Since this box was floral inspired it only makes sense that this aromatherapy shower steamer is Jasmine scented for it’s antidepressant, antiseptic, and aphrodisiac properties. This smells so great and it’s so easy to use! Just lay on a flat surface on your shower that doesn’t get directly hit with water, drop a few drops of water on it to activate and enjoy the aroma. We have to also say that browsing around the klen site we feel like we need to buy all of their stuff EVEN THE BEARD OIL!
This is a box exclusive! We love when we have something that is hard to find or rare and so we are very happy to have received this lovely floral scented soap made just for the Terra Bella Box!
The scent is floral and soft and the two scentsYlang Ylang and Geranium go perfectly together. This is pure and organic and a triple butter blend. We just love the packaging as well, kind of vintage and dainty.
The only repeat vendor in this month’s Terra Bella Beauty Box, Meraki Botanicals sent us this invigorating toning mist. The rose lemongrass mixture is great for clearing skin irritations, hydrating skin, and improving tone. This is ideal for clearing up acne and brightening up dull skin. 
We have to say we find this ridiculously refreshing, the fragrance is lively and so we think this is great for a “top of the morning” spritz!
We are so excited to try this out, we’ve been searching for an all natural deodorant that we like for quite a while! This lavender scented cream fits perfectly into this boxes theme as well
Each jar has enough for 2-3 months which is awesome! It also contains no gluten or aluminum and is vegan friendly
The consistency is actually exactly how you’d want it to be, goes on really well and dries so that you can’t tell it’s even there. We love that it comes with an applicator as well. 
We love this little jar and are so excited to have received not only the blacquer but also the bent eyeliner brush! The Blacquer serves as a three in one where it primes your eyelid, shadows and lines. 
We can totally see how that is possible after swatching it. It’s super rich in moisture and takes a few passes before you pick up color. Once you’ve done this the color starts to come up really easily. We aren’t quite sure how they did that and we are kind of amazed. 
We love these two together! This brush is vegan and cruelty free and makes applying liner a snap! To apply the cream eyeliner simply start at the inner corner of the eye and sweep along lashline using long, fluid like strokes. 

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. This month’s Terra Bella Box is fabulous! A perfect blend of everything we would choose if we were putting it together ourselves! The quality is awesome as always! Presentation is great, everything arrives beautifully and exactly as it should. Curation in this box and the theme (because we are partial to florals) is excellent. We love all of the items that we received and they all fit together so well. We are always impressed with the selection that Terra Bella Box brings to the table and this month is no exception. Excellent variety and a great big helping of brand awareness. 
As far as box economy the Terra Bella Beauty Box is $34.95 monthly and for that we received $71.50 in items! That is DOUBLE what we paid – we think that is a deal!

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