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*product was received free for review

Luxury Scent Box is a subscription box that sends you designer fragrances each month based upon your preferences and a little style survey you take upon registering on their site. Subscriptions are $15 for a basic subscription and $25 for the premium subscription which gives you access to more fragrances and expedited shipping. 

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Here’s the Box Breakdown

When you register with Luxury Scent Box it’s important to note the personalization process that you go through. You take a short survey that asks a few questions
Like which of these six you prefer most in a scent
And which of these you prefer, this helps determine your scent profile
You are then asked to fill in any fragrances that you particularly like or select from the ones listed
And from there Luxury Scent Box creates a calendar that you can drag and drop perfumes into! 
We loved it, it was really a lot of fun and quite easy!

Our first glimpse…

Our first glimpse inside the Luxury Scent Box.
Everything that we received in our Luxury Scent Box. 
We just love all the packaging and bright colors and couldn’t wait to dive in!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert
A little card that explains how to make your fragrances last longer
Marc Jacobs Daisy
This perfume tester packaging is gorgeous! And while it’s called Daisy this floral perfume actually captures the essence of Violet. We think this makes a perfect “Everyday Perfume”
We love that the testers that we received are spray tops and not the kind that you just dab! 
We would describe this scent as “Chipper” and yes, we know that that doesn’t make any sense. What we mean is it has an uplifting top note (at least we think that’s what we mean). We would also use words like subdued and subtle. You make the statement not your fragrance. We really liked this however, the box kept getting better…
Versace Yellow Diamond
Oh, the colors! They move our soul! This fragrance is categorized as floral, fruity, and woody.
Is this not the most gorgeous tester you’ve ever seen? We are super impressed with the quality of the samples!
We would say that our initial impression is that of a floral. Freesia top notes and then a beautiful woody base note! Love this one!
Versace Bright Crystal
This 0.3 oz atomizer is full of the most beautiful scent ever. This is a mixture of Donatella’s favorite scents – so we hear.
This mixture has notes of yuzu, pomegranate, peony, magnolia, and lotus with deep notes of musk and amber. They blend so beautifully together and it really does smell “bright”. It’s refreshing and youthful and we think this make a great “night out” perfume!
You also get to select the type of atomizer as well. We received this polished one but there is also black, brushed metal, and gold. They are all very beautiful!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. This is an excellent box for anyone looking to “refresh” their scent collection. We love that they offer high end perfumes and it’s still affordable! Presentation is beautiful.. the perfume packages speak for themselves. Quality is off the charts, we received two samples and one deluxe sample from designer perfumers – we have no complaints. Curation is super! We love that as far as curation goes we chose what we received, you get the ultimate choice with Luxury Scent Box. The quiz upon subscribing is fun and simple and it’s easy to get personalized results tailored just for you! 
As far as box economy the Luxury Scent Box costs $15 a month and while we couldn’t prices for most of the samples that we received we think the price of $15 is an awesome deal! 

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