Boot Track Maple Gift Basket | Review + Unboxing

*product received free for review

Boot Track Maple is a purveyor of 100% pure Vermont maple syrup. They make gorgeous gift baskets with their grade A amber syrup products. There are many different options so pricing varies. You can also buy single items in their online shop.

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Boot Track Maple Box. Everything is carefully packaged.
Everything that we received in our Boot Track Maple Gift Basket.... swoon! What a beautiful basket and display! Love the tiny little bottles and jugs.

So what is all this stuff?

Vermont Pure Maple Syrup
We received a half pint of this maple syrup and we have to say that we just adore this little jug! It’s so darn cute!
This is a traditional maple syrup in that it’s much thinner and sweeter than the store bought syrups. It also has a more bright flavor opposed to the more “buttery” flavors of syrups that we’ve had. There’s just so much more delectable flavor all around. 
Apple Brandy Barrel Aged Vermont Maple Syrup
This maple syrup is amazing! It’s made in a barrel that has already been used to age brandy. So we get unique flavors in each small batch depending on the wood and the brandy that was aged there prior. The flavor is so complex and deep this is a wonderful treat and would make a great ice cream topping!
Maple Cream
We’ll be honest, we’re kind of angry we lived 29 (ahem) years without knowing about this amazing treat! One of the most delicious things we have EVER had. We didn’t know what to expect but boy oh boy were we pleased!
You have to stir it up really well almost like natural peanut butter. The end result is this smooth, creamy mixture that tastes like heaven. Yes, it is meant to be a spread but we just ate it… out of the jar. We have no regrets.

So in summary

We think that Boot Track Maple has amazing items and we are really pleased to have found out about Maple Cream, believe us this is not the last time we’ll be eating it. We think the quality is amazing and feel that these gift baskets make a great gift for almost anyone who has a sweet tooth. We love the many different options and really love the complex flavor of the Apple Brandy Barrel Syrup. The presentation is also gorgeous, receiving something like this as a gift would be amazing! 

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