Endorfin Foods Chocolate Subscription Box | Review + Unboxing | May 2016

*product was received free for review

Endorfin Foods Chocolate Subscription Box is a community supported subscription box that allows you to skip the middle man and have these freshly made chocolates delivered to you monthly. Each month you can expect to find different origins of cacao, globally inspired seasonal flavors, and specially produced confections. There are three subscription pricing tiers. The first Joy is $22.50 and includes 2 full sized limited edition bars and 2 microdose bars. The second Euphoria is $45 and contains 4 full sized limited edition bars, 4 microdose bars, and one additional full sized bar from the archive. Finally, the Transcendance is $95 and contains 8 full sized limited editions, 8 microdose bars, and 2 additional full sized bars from the archive.

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Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside. We love that they have wrapped this in a polar bag. Everything is protected from the elements!
Everything that we received in our Endorfin Foods Chocolate Subscription Box, we received the Euphoria Box which has a total of 9 pieces of chocolate
The theme is “Flavors of Belize” in case you were wondering Belize is located on the Caribbean coast of Central America. 
We love the packaging. It feels old world and bohemian and at this point we are pretty dang excited!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert in the form of a letter. This detailed each chocolate. We also have to say all the chocolate was in this pretty canvas bag with the Endorfin Foods logo on it which we particularly like
Heirloom Nibs & Salt
$6.50 (each)
These 5 ingredient bars may not fit into the “Belize” theme but they are our time tested favorites from the Endorfin Foods archives. 
The base chocolate is cacao from the Dominican Republic and Heirloom Arriba Nacional Nibs from Ecuador. The two cacao’s paired together gives this bar a banana note. We have to say we love the crisp texture of the nibs and the way the salt comes in and helps even out the beautiful flavor! 
Endorfin Foods Limited Edition Caribbean Amber
We received two of these limited edition bars in the Endorfin Foods Chocolate Subscription Box
The process of infusing something like sap {which is what the term Amber is referring to} into chocolate was as simple as something done thousands of years ago. Through enflourage , whose traditional uses are in perfumery the essence of the crystalline substance can be captured. Creating this unique treat
The result is an ultimately creamy bar. Despite the dark chocolate there is a smoothness here that is unmatched. The flavor is deep and while we don’t really have words that summon this flavor we can safely say this is scrumptious!
Coconut Mylk and Allspice Limited Edition
We knew as soon as we heard what was in this bar we’d get along just famously! Allspice is referred to as “Pimienta Gorda” in Belize which means “fat pepper” for it’s physical resemblance to peppercorns. 
The bottom of this bar is coated in allspice and is aromatic as well as flavorful. This bar has the most creamy flavor of the three varieties that we received. It is also our absolute favorite! It was magnificent! It was so unique – and you know us… we love to try new things!
Heirloom Nibs & Salt Microdose Bars
There were three of the Heirloom Nibs & Salt microdose bars included as well as the full sized. These are beautifully packaged and make great on the go treats!
And just so you can see the nibs and salt that coat the bottom of the bar. These lend the bar a most excellent texture and bit of crunchiness. 

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Endorfin Foods Chocolate Subscription Box is an excellent example of a beautiful melding of master artistry and beautiful packaging. The presentation is fabulous. Not only is everything packaged beautifully – they’ve implemented cold packs to make sure everything arrives perfectly. Quality is amazing. We love that we receive the letter with the box that tells stories about the chocolate, making it seem like a care package from a worldly friend. Curation is amazing. If you are a foodie or a chocolate connoisseur the collections of flavors from different regions and the specialty chocolates will move your soul! Definitely a box to check out for any chocolate lover and definitely makes an excellent gift!
As far as box economy we can’t tell you most of the prices because these are limited edition chocolates and made specifically for this chocolate subscription box. We can say though, that this chocolate is more art than anything else. And that we think the prices are an awesome value!

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