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The Jocks Box is a monthly mystery sports subscription box. Each month you will receive a themed assortment of 4 -8 items valued at over $70. Subscriptions are $54.99 monthly and if you use code IMNOTATREE15 you’ll receive 15% off your first box!

Check out the unboxy box video

So sorry for the dubbing. However, we are super impressed with our husband – this is what he’s doing on his computer all the time! If you can get over the weird delay this was a good vid!
Here’s the Box Breakdown
Here’s our first glimpse inside The Jocks Box NBA Finals Box! 
Lots of sports goodies in here!
Everything that we received in the “Finals Bound” The Jocks Box.
This, despite our lack of knowledge in sports was really fun for us. Mostly because we got to hang out with hubs!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert that shows us the items that we received and also uses a bracket (those clever Trevor’s) to pose the ever begging question. What’s your favorite item in this box?
NBA Gummy Basketballs
A fun and cute addition to an NBA Finals Box! Mr. I’m Not a Tree couldn’t wait for the pictures to be taken so he could gobble these up!
’15 – ’16 NBA Trading Cards
$3.50 (each)
This is one of those things that, as a chick you just kind of never realize is a thing. It totally is. There were two of these five packs included and of course we had to open it up and see what was in there!
We received three rookie cards which the old man tells us are the best. I kind of get the excitement now, that you may get a card with someone who’s the next generation of talent – makes sense. As we don’t collect if anyone reading this is interested in these cards use the Contact Us form to send us your address and we’ll get these out to you!
Limited Edition Steph Curry Bleacher Creature
This is limited edition which makes it extra cool! We don’t know much about basketball but think we are rooting for the warriors – we just like the name! Nobody can mess with a warrior!
Lebron James HD Mesh Hooded Mask
We’ve been doing this a long time… and this may be the silliest thing we’ve ever received. We hope one day we live our life so fully that we have our own mesh mask!
These are available for lots of the big time players! We never knew that anything like this existed!
San Antonio Spurs Mini Basketball
This is a cool little ball and we know, in the unboxing we had said we wanted to blow it up. We can’t find a pump! Sorry – keep checking our Instagram! Maybe we’ll inflate it on there sometime soon!
Toronto Raptors T-Shirt
Even though we aren’t huge basketball fans we think this shirt is BALLER! Simple design, minimalist colors and great fabric. And if you watched the unboxing you know how integral Toronto has been in all of this. Speaking of that? Toronto is in Canada? How is that “national” – it’s probably a lot like hockey… but now we’re just thinking out loud!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Jocks Box is all kinds of cool, definitely a treat for any guy in your life! We just love the mystery aspect as well! The presentation is awesome, we love the packaging and everything arrives exactly as it should. The quality is great – everything is licensed NBA merchandise which is very important with a box like this. The curation is amazing! We think the way the items come together is perfect and that they’ve covered all of the teams in the finals well (not that we are really able to intelligently speak on that!) and that this was a way to open up dialogue with a guy?! I’ve never talked with my husband about basketball and I had no idea he was that interested!
In our opinion this is the perfect way to treat Dad on Father’s Day!
Don’t forget to use IMNOTATREE15 to get 15% off your first box!

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