What’s Up Wednesday!

Hellowww Lovies!
It’s been two weeks since I’ve done this ol’ Wednesday Journaling dealie… much has transpired.

So what’s been up?

Viv had her first birthday party…. a month late. It was small but totally appropriate for someone her age. Slow paced and at home. 
Oliver made many messes. This is one. I heard him giggling in the other room and asked what he was doing… he said playing with “Lip cross” and said “Look at Ferdinand”
These were made and inspired by a Tasty video —

I cleaned all my makeup brushes and Oliver then rubbed them all over everything….
I feel like I’ve largely been talking about Oliver but I do these based on my photos and he’s the MVP these days! Here we are at a model train open house in our area! We were in line to ride this 24 in train!
Feeding time at a petting zoo we were at… this was kind of surreal and eerie. They could see the farmers coming with their food though and they all just started going crazy!
And the final family contribution to this post
Belle describing to me the asymmetrical hair cut that she wants.

What are we watching?

We just started watching Lady Dynamite
This is a review because I couldn’t find any teasers or trailers.

Hope you guys had an amazing Memorial Weekend!
See you next week!

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