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The Heart Eyes Shoppe is an Etsy shop that sends out the “Heart Eyes Box” which is a themed monthly mystery grab bag. We heard they had a Wes Anderson box and we just HAD to have one! Boxes are $12 and verrrrry limited. Use code 20HEARTS for 20% off your purchase!

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
This is the box all wrapped up! Very pretty!
Our first glimpse inside the Heart Eyes Shoppe Mystery Box!
Everything that we received in the Heart Eyes Shoppe’s Wes Anderson themed box!
This box is the kind of indulgence that brings out the kid in you!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts that tell us everything that we received and also gives us a 20% off code for the Heart Eyes Shop. We want to declare right here that this post is going to highlight qualities about the writer that she usually leaves out for ambiguous reasons. But we need to say before we hop into this review our love of Wes Anderson is deep. We love the sinewy layers of emotion in every film (yes, we call them films because we’re fancy). We love the character develop, symbolism, and color schemes. And don’t even get us started on the music…
We looked all over for the one that included the John Lennon Track to no avail.. sorry guys. 
But yeah, it’s not the most boss thing ever but it’s pretty darn close. 
So without further ado!
Fantastic Mr. Fox Brooch
This is… fantastic. WHAT!? That was clever. We’ve read this book a few times with the kiddos and the movie is wonderful. We like that it commemorates a different style for Anderson and a crossover into an area where we can let the kids watch with us. We haven’t decided where this is going to go yet but we assure you it will have a home!

Key Ribbon
It didn’t click in our head when we first saw this that the key was for Grand Budapest Hotel but now it all makes sense. This ribbon is vintage-esque and very pretty. 
Heart Pin
A Heart. From Heart Eyes Shoppe! Too cute and super appropriate!
Heart Pencil
When you order the box you take a little survey. We were asked a few questions; like our favorite WA movie, character and our favorite color. As you guys know – ORANGE! So, we received this cute orange pencil embossed with golden hearts! 
Monogram Wooden Tag
Beauteous! Love the pattern, the colors and the fact that it’s been personalized! We’re thinking of putting this in our closet but haven’t set that in stone yet. We could literally put this anywhere and it would look great. Super happy to have received this!
Wes Anderson Scene Postcard
How cool is this postcard? So from top to bottom we have The Royal Tenenbaum’s, The Life Aquatic, Moonrise Kingdom, and The Grand Budapest Hotel. Our three favorites are on here! And our husband’s favorite is on here as well. We’ve made a decision to use this as his fathers day card because we are certain that he’ll love it!
The back is a standard postcard
Post Its
This notepad of post it notes adds a fun and funky flair to the box. 
Tenenbaum Embroidery
Okay, so remember when we told you we loved Wes Anderson  it’s mainly because of The Royal Tenenbaums. When this movie came out we had a kind of kooky home life and this made us feel like… maybe just maybe we weren’t alone. So when we were asked which WA movie was our favorite… well you can do the math. We are in love with this not just for the quote either. It’s oozing Tenenbaum-yness. It has that offbeat but fun vintage feeling. It has a pretty pattern but something just kind of sorrowful right beneath the surface. And in the unboxing (if you watched) I couldn’t remember (anything really) the name of the best friend character who was quoted as saying this… his name was Eli Cash. So yes, this is definitely our favorite item we received.

Cupcake Stickers
They’ve included these cupcake stickers to incorporate the baking element of The Grand Budapest Hotel. We love that they’ve thought to incorporate these small details into this box!
Suzy Bishop Charm
So we need to preface this with our terrible movie fact memory. And we’ve only seen Moonrise Kingdom ONCE so when we saw Suzy Bishop it didn’t click neither did the beetle earrings until we went a-interneting. Now we feel kind of silly
But here’s an absolutely wonderful 
homage to Moonrise Kingdom in the form of a small beetle charm. We love this for it’s aesthetic appeal and are probably going to wear it FOREVER!

So in summary

This isn’t an actual subscription box so we can’t do our typical breakdown on it. We will say though, that we are thoroughly impressed with The Heart Eyes Shoppe and this box as a whole. There was thought and deliberation in each of the steps and it shows. We love all of the items and as we said that embroidery has our heart! We think the monthly mystery bag from Heart Eyes Shoppe is a great way to spend $12! 
And don’t forget code 20HEARTS for 20% off your next purchase.

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