Alpha Outpost Subscription Box Review + Unboxing May 2016

Alpha Outpost is a monthly men’s subscription box that sends a themed kit that is always masculine and useful. This is the subscription box for the man’s man. Subscriptions are $39.95 monthly +shipping. With reduced prices for longer subscription terms. 
*product was received free for review / contains affiliate links

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Alpha Outpost “Dopp Kit” Box!
We really love their box and packaging. It’s masculine but immediately recognizable!
Everything that we received in our ‘Dopp Kit’ themed subscription box
This is a sleek assortment. It’s like Ron Swanson himself chose these items!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert
This details all of the items that we received in our Alpha Outpost Subscription Box
There were also many subscriber only coupons for Grunt Style, Duke Cannon, Tactical Sh*t, and Huckleberry Beard Co.
Grooming Manual
The little manuals that come in Alpha Outpost Boxes are the BEST. They are very … snarky.
In this manual there was one particular list we liked best… the Ten Do Nots of Hygiene. Numero Uno you ask? Never flatulate when you are on a date! THIS is sage advice fellas. Heed it!
Alpha Outpost Hat
This wasn’t even included in the packing slip! Just an extra little add on to this already jam packed box
Alpha Outpost Soap Pouch
Never use a loofah again (it’s okay we didn’t think you did!) This convenient soap pouch holds your soap for you. The netted material is breathable and allows moisture to escape. Perfect way to store your bar!
Huckleberry Shave Oil
A natural alternative to shaving cream – this oil contains essential oils instead of chemicals which is awesome! There aren’t enough natural alternatives in men’s body products!
This didn’t really have a smell but was quite moisturizing for pre-shaving. We may just go ahead and try it on our legs… maybe it will be a game changer for us!
Duke Cannon Soap
If Ron Swanson had a soap preference it would be Duke Cannon. 
 In case you weren’t in the “know” about the legend he is!
This soap is HUGE weighing in at 10 ounces! That is enormous! On top of that it smells minty and fresh and not too overwhelmingly so, because we know how you guys out there are!
Alpha Outpost Patch
We had no idea velcro patches were so handy in military situations (Mr. I’m Not a Tree clued us in). This patch alerts people to your awesomeness.
Metal Comb
We love this! It’s sleek and gender neutral which means that we can keep it for ourselves! This is the second awesome comb that we received from Alpha Outpost! The first was a wooden one included in the “Gentleman” box.
Professional Barber Scissors
These are nice! We use these quite often for hair touchups and Mr. uses them for his chops. If you look closely you can also see that these are branded with the Alpha Outpost logo as well. Very happy to have received these! 
Alpha Outpost Straight Razor
Because every man should know how to use one of these! This straight razor is beautifully designed with a faux wooden handle and a very unique blade shape. We think this is Mr. I’m Not a Tree’s favorite item in this subscription box. This is also branded with the Alpha Outpost logo.
Nail Clipper Set
Seriously! What Dopp Kit is complete without a set of finger and toe nail clippers? These are designed ergonomically and have a brushed metal finish. Super simple and masculine. A great tool for your grooming routine!
Alpha Outpost Face Towel
This ultra soft towel has many uses and is a great addition to any grooming kit. 
Like a great place to lay out all your manly goodies! 
Waterproof Dopp Bag
This is our favorite item included in this subscription box. We love all the compartments and all of the space that this provides. It’s not a traditional dopp kit but it’s a great alternative
The inside is spacious and has many compartments for all of your gear!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. Alpha Outpost is a subscription box that offers men more than what’s out there… it’s more masculine, more rugged and well.. more fun! The quality of each of the items that we received is excellent. We particularly love the metal grooming items and think they make excellent additions to men’s (or women’s) grooming routines. The presentation is always reliable and well thought out. We received our box with everything in tact and exactly as it should be. The curation? Wow! We love this assortment! We think they have the exact right amount of body products for a men’s subscription box. It’s easy to overdo it but they hit the nail on the head! We think the pull together of the whole dopp kit was genius and think Alpha Outpost has done it again! 
As far as box economy the Alpha Outpost subscription box costs $39.95 monthly and for that we received $105 in items which is AMAZING. We think this box is an awesome deal. If you’re looking for a great gift for your Dad – they’re the way to go!

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