Target Beauty Box Review + Unboxing | June 2016

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target beauty box
Target Beauty Box is a monthly box that isn’t a subscription box so much as it is a recurring box that is up for grabs at Target. Each box has a solid mix of beauty and body products that are available at Target. Boxes range from $5 – $10

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first glimpse of june target beauty box
Our first glimpse inside the June Target Box
We love orange! 
contents of june target beauty box
Everything that we received in our Target Beauty Box
This was a good mix of items – definitely worth the cost!

So what is all this stuff?

target box insert
Our Target Box insert that always includes a $3 off coupon for the beauty section at Target
Yes to Cucumbers Hypoallergenic Facial Wipes
yes to cucumbers
A nice, refreshing addition to any summer beauty box. We are big fans of the “Yes” products and while we haven’t tried this we can always use some facial wipes. We like that these contain aloe vera as well because they will probably be gentle on our oh so sensitive skin!
e.l.f. Lip Kiss Balm
e.l.f. lip balm
This lip balm is in a pretty nude color called “Bare Kiss” and we think this is a great everyday balm. It’s perfect for us since we don’t typically go for those dramatic lip makeup looks
lip balm swatch
As you’d want with a lip balm the color it leaves behind is subtle and pretty!
L’Oreal Revitalift Volume Filler
loreal revitalift
Receiving this product probably made a LOT of people’s days! This is a wonderful anti-aging product and after swiping it on our skin we can definitely see how someone would use this to fill wrinkles and even out their skin. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for us we aren’t there quite yet so we’ll be passing this along!
This day cream came in a really nice and generous package that was limited edition
Lumi Cushion Sample
lumi cushion
We rarely buy makeup, mostly because we receive so many beauty boxes and we don’t wear makeup enough! However, this one we might just have to splurge on. We love the dewy finish of this foundation, particularly because we have such dry skin! There was a $2 off coupon as well
Pantene Intense Hydration Shampoo
pantene shampoo
This is the second sample of this Pantene shampoo that we’ve received but that’s OK. We love this generous sample that isn’t full sized nor travel sized either but a comfortable middle between the two. There was a $2 off coupon for this as well
Laneige Water Bank Serum
Target and Laneige sitting in a tree…..
water bank serum
Laneige is one of those brands that we really want to love but haven’t tried enough of yet. We aren’t sure about serums as much as we used to be. We used a serum recently and developed some red spots on our face (NOT SURE WHAT THOSE COULD BE). We’ll try this out regardless though!
S&W Basics Exfolliant
This all natural facial exfoliating scrub is mixed with water and then applied to the face for a great scrub. This is the second time S&W Basics has been included in a Target Beauty Box
Look Better Naked Righteous Butter
look better naked body butter
We know this is a foil sample but we are really excited to give this a try. We guess the appeal is the foreign aspect! Best in Britain? SIGN US UP!
Cotz FACE SPF 40
cotz sunscreen
What summer beauty box is complete without some sunscreen – we aren’t sure about the tinting of this one so be sure to make sure it’s right for your skin before purchasing!
Shea Moisture Weightless Creme Rinse
shea moisture creme rinse
Probably our favorite item we received in this box. This lively scented creme rinse adds instant lightweight hydration for fine, wavy, or curly hair!
Pixi by Petra Mineral Duo
pixi by petra
This is so pretty! Love the lighter of the two shades. 
pixi by petra mineral duo swatch
The darker of the two isn’t quite as pigmented but we honestly don’t think it should be. This way you can build up your darker color… that champagne tho… amirite?

So in summary

This probably isn’t the best Target Beauty Box that we’ve ever received but we definitely received a couple great items and we will use mostly everything included. We didn’t bother doing a price breakdown because we think the value is clear! Curious when the next box comes out? Subscribe to our email updates to find out when they go on sale again!

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