PeelyPack Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | June 2016

peely pack
PeelyPack is a monthly sticker subscription service. Each month you will receive 10 varieties of stickers and a sheet to apply the stickers to. The stickers focus around a central theme. There are two different subscription options; the Classic which is $11.99 and the Family which is $19.99
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
contents of peely pack
Everything that we received in our Peely Pack. There were 10 sheets and one activity sheet as well. Well over 100 stickers!

So what is all this stuff?

insert peely pack
Our box insert. Our theme for June is Up in the Air!
We’re given some facts about flying objects and also given an activity. Place the thing that flies highest at the top of our activity sheet!
donating to children in hospitals
The opposing side tells us how PeelyPack gives back by donating 100 PeelyPacks to children in hospitals!
A bonus free printable is also available on PeelyPack’s website
Bird Sheet
bird stickers
We received 12 bird stickers. Definitely a great “Up in the Air” topic! And considering our love for birds we were happy to receive these
Kite Sheet
kite sheet
These kite stickers are high flying fun. We love the quality of the sheets and stickers. Everything is really cute!
Rain and Rainbows Sheet
These rainy day stickers are adorable! We love the stickers of the children in rain slickers and that flying elephant. It’s super fun and creative!
Kawaii Sheet
kawaii weather
Oh my, these kawaii hot air balloons and sky dwelling objects are too sweet. We think the gray cloud is definitely on the losing side as far as pots of gold are concerned
Space Sheet
space stickers
This is definitely our favorite of all of the sheets. This had the coolest range in our opinion and we were SURE the kids would put one of these at the TIPPY TOP of their activity sheet
Glitter Balloon Sheet
glitter balloon sheet
Belle loved these glitter balloons and for a great reason… they are sparkly! Come on y’all get with it! This is another sheet of 12 stickers as well

Plane Sheet
plane stickers
This sheet features not only different planes but also different pilots! Kudos to PeelyPack for including a girl pilot as well. 
Superhero Sheet
superhero stickers
These fun superhero stickers can do it all, especially fly! Good mix of both boy and girl superheros in their kid renditions!
More Plane Stickers
planes stickers
This sheet includes a blimp, hot air balloon and helicopter in addition to three fun monoplanes!
Rainbow Hearts Sheet
heart stickers
There were 54 of these colorful rainbow hearts in total. Enough to adorn anything you desire! 
Activity Sheet
sticker activity sheet
We received this picnic themed activity sheet with a great view of the sky. We’ll have no trouble putting all of our stickers on here!

Okay so now what?

Now the adults get to kick back while the kids have a blast!
highest flying object
This is what they thought was the highest.. flying object. 
A few minutes after they started… we think this is so adorable! There are so many stickers we can’t imagine you could use them up in one day!
stickers everywhere
Our end result for our first round of PeelyPack!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. This subscription is different than most in that we kind of know what we’re getting but it’s also a bit of a surprise. The kids had such a blast and really enjoyed this! The presentation is excellent… everything is conveniently tucked into the activity sheet and all the stickers are on cute little sheets that complement the sticker designs. Quality is awesome, these are really nice stickers! Curation is super cute! We love the theme and think everything in our PeelyPack fits great! Definitely a great option for busy parents to give their kids fun activities in a snap (and gives Mom or Dad a little break!)

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