Soothing Terra – Essential Oil Carrying Case Review

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soothing terra essential oil carrying case
If you have gotten into the whole essential oil craze you know that those little bottles are precious!
The one downside is where do you put them all? Up until recently ours were housed at the very back of our vanity table (out of sight and out of mind if you will) until we found Soothing Terra.

Soothing Terra makes essential oil carrying cases that keep your bottles stored safely
This essential oil carrying case has 16 compartments able to hold either 5, 10, 15 ml containers and even roll ons! They have a huge range of colors. This case alone had six different color options. And a total of 8 different cases to choose from. If you’re are an avid fan of EO’s they have a case that even holds 30. And they’re super reasonable. This one costs just $14.95!
our essential oil collection
Here you can see how we easily fit in 6 bottles 5 roll ons and a dropper and we have a little room to grow! The foam acts as a great cushion keeping the bottles safe and secure 
hanaman statue
We also love the pocket feature it’s a great place to store your crystals or any other talismans or essential oil accessories that you have.
If you are a person on the go the Soothing Terra website has a couple hard shell cases as well to fit your active lifestyle. 

So in summary

We are really happy with our case and think this is a great option for anyone seeking a new way to store all their essential oils! We love the color, size and material options that Soothing Terra provides and feel better knowing all of our EO’s are safe!

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