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frog cozy phones
Cozy Phones is a fun line of headphones that you wear like a headband. There’s a few different lines to choose from; there’s sleep and relaxation headphones, a fitness line great for working out and finally, what we’re reviewing are the Cozy Phones for kids! And seriously… this little guy is super cute!

cozy phones label
There are four different children’s Cozy Phone styles to choose from. A frog, a panda, a monster, and a smiley. These headphones are reasonably priced at $29.99 and are on sale right now for $19.99! 
The three other styles available
How cute is the panda? We just want to squeeze it
cozy phones design
The design is unique with a 52″ long braided cable that feeds into the back inside of the headband. The speakers are ultra thin which make these very comfortable especially if you have a child who doesn’t like earbuds (who does really?).
Here you can see how thin the earphone is and the braided style of the cord
Belle wearing cozy phonespenny wearing cozy phones
The headband is machine washable and made of a soft fleece that allows children to nap while wearing them as well. Penny and Belle thought these were the coolest things ever and couldn’t wait to try them out! We love that you can share these without any of the icky germs like earbuds and we can still talk to the kids while wearing these and have them hear us. The kids both agree these are quite comfortable!

So in summary

We think these headphones are great! A cute way to let your child accessorize while relaxing! These make a great gift and we love that they have so many different options. We think the quality is great as well, we love that they are designed to be so comfortable and that they aren’t blasting the sounds right into those tiny ear canals! While you’re at it get some for yourself, the active line is great for runners and those who workout!

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