People’s Choice Beef Jerky Box Review + Unboxing

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people's choice beef jerky box
People’s Choice Beef Jerky offers one time boxes full of their small batch, handcrafted jerky. The process of making the jerky has remained the same to preserve tradition. Some dating back to the ’20’s. 
There are four different box options to choose from. The “Simple + Savory” and “Sweet Tooth” boxes are both $18 (exact items in each box are listed on the PC website). The “Some Like It Hot” box is $30 and is full of the spicier jerkies carried by People’s Choice. The “Health Nut” box is $36 and finally, the “One of Everything” (what we’re reviewing today) is $66.
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first glimpse inside the jerky box
Our first glimpse inside the People’s Choice Beef Jerky Box
people's choice box contents
Everything that we received in the “One of Everything” Box. This is an amazing variety of jerky and couldn’t wait to share with our husband! 

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert
people's choice stickers
A couple People’s Choice stickers tossed in as well!
This finely shredded beef jerky is a great addition to eggs and many other recipes. The fine texture and huge flavor payoff make it great for cooking.
texture of machaca
It was almost like a powder it was so fine but it didn’t affect the flavor. This stuff was in a league of it’s own – inspired by the flavors of downtown los angeles this beef jerky chew is delicious!
Mr. I’m Not a Tree did in fact make some Machaco con Huevos for breakfast too! He took like 3 or 4 different pictures of the food in different light too (because he’s the best)!
People’s Choice Old Fashioned Beef Jerky
people's choice old fashioned beef jerky
An original family recipe dating back to the 1920’s this beef jerky doesn’t boast a fancy flavor profile. What it does is takes the taste of the meat and uses salt and cracked peppercorn to enhance the beef flavor. A SOLID beef jerky – so much better than anything you’d find in a store!
This is a drier beef jerky which gives us that satisfaction of ripping the jerky apart! 
People’s Choice Tasting Kitchen Sriracha Beef Jerky
sriracha beef jerky
This was definitely a favorite. The spice has a good kick but isn’t overwhelming. It also has a nice tanginess that we can really get into. It’s important to note that the Tasting Kitchen label is People’s Choice limited edition flavor line. 
texture of sriracha jerky
While this wasn’t the driest of the jerkies it also wasn’t the juiciest either. It fell somewhere right in the middle and quite scrumptiously so!
People’s Choice Hot & Spicy Beef Jerky
This low fat lean beef jerky is also a traditional family recipe. This was seasoned using cracked red pepper and had a mild spiciness. This like the original beef jerky was more a good meat. It’s a jerky that has been prepared with a meat lover in mind.
texture of hot and spicy jerky
You can see the red pepper in the image and also the lines from cooking. 
Sweet Chili Habanero Tasting Kitchen Jerky
sweet chili habanero jerky
After the video Mr. I’m Not a Tree ranked his favorite jerkies. This was his MVP. This… is spicy! A beautifully balanced jerky with a sweet and spicy fusion. We are impressed with the kick to this one! Not for the faint of heart!
texture of sweet chili habanero jerky
The texture of this jerky is tender and juicy. With thicker cuts and a more moisture rich consistency.
Garlic Onion Tasting Kitchen Beef Jerky
garlic ginger jerky
This Tasting Kitchen flavor was complex and brilliant! This bright and flavorful jerky hits you with a quick pop of ginger and then finishes with the deep flavor of garlic. This is a great jerky for the foodies.
texture of ginger garlic jerky
Another jerky that is more tender and soft. Love that you can see the seasonings on the jerky!
Orange Honey Teriyaki Tasting Kitchen Beef Jerky
orange honey teriyaki beef jerky
For the sweet lovers out there this jerky has a yummy orange honey flavor. Because Mr. I’m Not a Tree loves teriyaki we knew as soon as we saw this he would love it! We do love that the flavor of the meat is still present. The flavors used in the Tasting Kitchen’s Jerky never overpower the meat… they just add to it!
texture of orange honey teriyaki jerky
This jerky has a sticky coating that makes the eating experience that much more fun. Of course the longer you eat this the more of the soy sauce flavor of the teriyaki comes through which we love
People’s Choice Carne Seca Limon
The Carne Seca line is an homage to the cooking styles of Downtown Los Angeles with bold flavors, fresh ingredients and simple techniques the real focus of this line is the meat. This Carne Seca Limon was our HANDS DOWN FAVORITE! This had our favorite textured jerky and the lemon juice adds a liveliness that we could not get over!
texture of carne seca limon
This is the kind of jerky that you have to pull apart with your teeth and it just happens to be our favorite as well!
Carne Seca Limon Con Chile
Carne Seca literally translated means dried meat. This dried meat is much like the Limon but has a bit of the heat from the chili peppers. An excellent jerky – we had a hard time choosing which of the two carne seca’s we liked better!
The texture is much like the Limon Carne Seca except you can see the cracked pepper on the jerky with this one. 

So in summary

We had a great time reviewing this box – there were so many flavors that everyone could find something that they enjoyed. We really like that People’s Choice Beef Jerky has made it easy to find what you like by breaking the boxes into groups based upon their flavor. We loved trying all of the flavors and feel like this is high quality beef jerky that is made with skill and passion – and you can taste it. The overall quality is stellar, hand made in small batches and minimally processed for the consumers benefit! Excellent cuts and a focus on more natural ingredients set this beef jerky apart from the rest. In addition to the box you can also purchase individual items in their shop. Priced at $6 dollars a bag we think they’re an incredible deal. And if you know you love it you can buy it in bulk as well! 
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