Divine You Crafts Subscription Box Review + Exclusive Coupon | July 2016

*product was received free for review

divine you crafts
Divine You Crafts is a monthly subscription box that sends you a conscious crafting kit that focuses around an inspirational word. Each kit contains a craft to make, a crystal or stone, and a Divine You Collectible Card. This subscription is great for all skill levels and it isn’t all about the finished product… more the lessons learned while creating. Subscriptions are $39.95 a month or you can opt for the tribal tote which contains enough kits for 5 people that costs $199
Use code ASHNECKLACE to receive a free necklace in your first box!

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first glimpse inside divine you
Our first glimpse inside the Divine You Conscious Crafting Kit and we think it’s remarkably packaged!
contents of divine you
Everything that we received in our Divine You Subscription Box.
The July craft is an art journal and the word for the month is “Journey”

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert came in the form of instructions and other information and resources you can use to help complete the art journal.
Divine Deck Collectible Cards
divine deck cards
These cards are meant to evoke mental imagery – the longer you are subscribed the larger your deck!
divine you deck instructions
We received information on how to properly use the deck along with exercises that you can do with them.
Om Necklace
This Om necklace is very pretty and we love that it came on cord which is our favorite way to wear pendants! We were told what this symbol was by someone watching our unboxing – thank you!
Stone of the Month: Carnelian
Besides being beautiful and Orange (our favorite) the Carnelian is a stone of action and helps us begin on new paths. They clarify and motivate and may even stimulate creativity. These are great to hold while meditating, there are other suggestions on using this stone also included in the instructions that we received
Le Pen Fine Tip Technical Drawing Pen
le pen
This is actually an excellent pen and we will use this a lot outside of this box! It’s obviously also intended to be use with our art journal
Paint Cup
There is a small dish to put paint in included in the box… this will definitely help us complete our art journal!
Sponge Brush
sponge brush
Apply paint with ease and in an even manner with this spong applicator!
Yoobi Glue Stick
yoobi glue stick
This is an awesome glue stick – we are a bit picky about them and this one is excellent! Really happy to have received this
Metallic Gold Paint
gold paint
This gold paint is all a part of the art journal craft and was the reason the small dish was included
Watercolor Pencils and Paint Brushes
colored pencils
These aren’t just regular colored pencils but watercolor pencils. There are also two paint brushes included as well
We received a great variety of colors and the two brushes are different so we can accomplish different strokes with each
Art Journal
art journal
This little keepsake book may look plain now but this will serve as our art journal once we’re done! Are you excited? I know we are!
It’s entirely blank so we can fill the entire thing up!
We were provided with quite a bit of gorgeous papers and other small bits to adorn and decorate our art journal. You are also encouraged to find and collect your own to use as well. Among the items a map, a portion of a page from a book, a business book sheet, stencil, an orange, green and taupe papers, and two small hearts

Okay, so now what?

Now we craft! We followed the instructions and started layering colors onto the cover of our art journal
watercolor art journal
Afterward we took a bit of wet paper towel and smudged our colors. We got this really cool effect. You can use any variety of colors you like but we kept the colors that were used in the instructions and added orange
Next we added the stencil and began dabbing paint on with or sponge applicator. We were a little unsure how ours could ever look like the one in the instructions but we held out hope
We really wanted it to be gold so we added layer upon layer. It was a bit saturated once we were done. The best part is that none of this was difficult.. in fact it was quite the opposite. We had fun and the fun is in the variety and different results that each person achieves because of their own style!
After we took the stencil off this is what we were left with. (The Paint is still wet)
We weren’t quite done yet though. We really liked the map and wanted to incorporate it somehow so we cut it into strips and covered up some of the parts that we overly saturated with the paint (woops)
adding ephemera
finsihed product
Our final finished product! We can’t wait to add more to the inside! This was so much fun.

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Divine You Crafts Subscription Box is a brand new box that has a fun and interesting premise that hasn’t been done before. The presentation is awesome, this box is wrapped gorgeously and everything arrives exactly as it should. The quality is amazing, we love the craftings supplies – they didn’t disappoint! Finally is the curation which we are in love with. We love that this box has layers, there’s the word of the month and the stone of the month that you can do on your own and in your own time. But there’s also the crafting as well which helps us to create something and how often do we do things like that for fun? NOT ENOUGH. We really enjoyed this box and think that if you like to craft or are just trying to find a little peace and enhance your meditation practice this is definitely the subscription box for you.
As far as box economy subscriptions like this are priced based upon all the curation work that has been done for us – so we never bother doing price breakdowns. 
We feel this is absolutely worth every penny and think you guys will love it too!
Don’t forget to use code ASHNECKLACE to get a free necklace in your first box!

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