Konenkii Quarterly Subscription Box Review + Unboxing

konenkii quarterly box
Konenkii Quarterly Subscription Box is a seasonal subscription that sends lifestyle items that are geared towards women making the transition to fabulous fortyish chick (who also happens to be FIERCE). Full of beauty, books and anything in between subscriptions are $49.00 or you can opt for a one time box at $55
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Summer 2016 Konenkii Subscription Box. It’s always so bright and inviting with it’s trademark red and yellow (which just happen to be Penelope’s favorite colors!)
contents of summer konenkii box
Everything that we received in our Summer 2016 Box this had a fun an airy arrangement of items that we just LOVE!

So what is all this stuff?

konenkii box insert
Our cheery box insert!
list of items in the subscription box
The alternate side has a listing of the items included in the box
$5 off coupon
There’s also a $5 off coupon good for any Konenkii purchase made before December 31, 2016
Summer Ready Kit
summer ready kit
A great place to store your personal effects on vacation. This water resistant bag is small and folds well so you can tuck it away in your beach tote!

Lark Fine Foods Chocolate Pearl Cookies
lark chocolate pearl cookies

We adore the Lark Cookies for their refined and more complex flavors. While the brand isn’t new to us this flavor is and it was a delight!

There were two cookies in each pack and this flavor cookie had the perfect blend of sweet and savory with a tender consistency!

Lark Fine Foods Coconut Butter Cookies
lark cookies in coconut butter

These cookies were rich and decadent and a shoe in if you are a coconut lover like us!

Bummer of it all was that we were caught by the kids whilst eating these so we had to share!

Hard Candy Toe Nail Polish
hard candy toe nail polish

This color is summer perfect. It’s BOLD which is key but it has a pink undertone which makes it so much more summer-y and pretty. We can’t wait to polish our tootsies with this!

Tillandsia Air Plant
tillandsia air plant

No worries if you are lacking a green thumb these small plants are easy to care for. We also received care instructions along with the plant and it’s sea urchin container. As Tillandsias grow larger they change from orange to red and then produce purple flowers! We can’t wait – we received a bulb to grow paperwhites in our Winter Konenkii and we have to say that we adore receiving plants in our subscription boxes.

Choose to be Nice Bracelet

This movement is awesome! Their goal is to have one million people sign the promise that pledges you will be nice and spread positivity. This bracelet that says, “I made the choose to be nice promise” is a great way to remind yourself that the world is a better place if we just keep smiling at one another!

Spa Relaxus Foot Mask
spa relaxus foot mask

We are pumped to use this foot mask! We’ve never done a foot mask before so this peppermint and tangerine scented offering sounds like a great place to start. Love that you can do a full pedi with the summer Konenkii Box! Just do your foot mask and then paint your toes and your’re ready for those open toe shoes girl!

Konenkii Postcards

We love this idea, these postcards are already ready to be mailed – all you have to do is add your message and the name of the person you want to bring a smile to! We love all the images and sayings but feel we most identify with, “That was fun! I’ll remember it as long as I can.”

Daisy & Aloe Garden Body Butter
greenwich bay botanical body butter

This lightest of light scents is a great way to nourish and hydrate sun kissed skin! Made with shea butter and botanical oils this is a body butter you can feel good about using!

The consistency is whipped and creamy and almost yummy looking. We can’t wait to try it out!

Polka Dot Scarf

While the description may say scarf this has many uses, you could also use it to cover up on a cooler summer evening or even around your waist at the beach. We love the polka dots – they add an element of fun to two classic color pairings!

Here we are with it wrapped around our shoulders!

We’d also like to make mention of the intricate woven design of this – it’s absolutely stunning!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Konenkii Quarterly Subscription Box is a great way to try new products, join a tribe of fearless women, and of course TREAT YO’ SELF! While it’s targeted towards women in their 40’s there’s no rules saying you have to be that age either… we thought it was amazing and we are 29 (COUGH COUGH). The presentation is awesome and we love the new box – it’s fabulous. The quality is excellent. We adore the inclusion of the Lark Cookies and the Hard Candy Polish and pretty much everything actually. The curation is fantastic, this box is meant to be a way to treat yourself and do some self care and that is exactly what they’ve accomplished. A good range of beauty items and some yummy snacks along with a breath of fresh air… plant! Love this subscription! 
As far as box economy the Konenkii Subscription Box costs $49 each quarter and while we couldn’t find most of the prices of the items included we feel like this box is well worth it’s price! 

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