ReVibe Subscription Box Review + Unboxing

Revibe Subscription Box
ReVibe Subscription Box is a brand new monthly subscription box that sends you a themed monthly box of handmade, all natural and cruelty free items that will help you achieve zen. They have two options, a “Try Me” box that costs $20 and contains 3 all natural items. The second is the original ReVibe Subscription Box which costs $39.95 and contains 5-7 all natural hand crafted products. 
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first glimpse inside ReVibe subscription box
Our first glimpse inside the ReVibe Subscription Box
contents of june revibe subscription box
Everything that we received in our June ReVibe Subscription Box. 
The theme was “The Health Benefits of Honey” and also had a focus on amazing bathing experiences! We can get into this! And if you are in the mood for some knowledge check out this article on some of the benefits of honey!

So what is all this stuff?

revibe box insert
Our box insert came in the form of this very cool pamphlet! There were also some business cards and other promotional items included
arachnesdemise mask
This mask features Kaolin clay which is compatible with all skin types. The raw honey contains bee pollen which calms redness and is cleansing and drying. The rose water included in this mask is derived from honeyquat and rose petals. 
The instructions are simple, just apply this amazing smelling mask on face and once you feel it’s dried – rinse off!
scum soaps
These beautifully scented soaps are made to fragrance the room that they decorate and we can TOTALLY see why! These are aromatic and they have a rich creamy scent that lingers in the air. These all natural soaps include natural clays, cocoa butter, and coconut oil – so you can feel confident using them!
These shower steamers are excellent for congestion, colds, allergies and other sinus problems. The mixture of essential oils, menthol and epsom salts help to alleviate the symptoms caused by allergies. There was also a subscriber only discount included for LeaBeeNaturals. We’ve been wanting to try out shower steamers for a while so we are really stoked to have received this multi-pack
sugar bee organics bath bomb
This earth scented bath bomb has notes of cedarwood, rosemary and calendula. All of which have many healing properties. We really love the packaging and you KNOW how much we love our bath bombs so we cannot wait to use this! 
honeycomb necklace
Absinthe Arts has an amazing Etsy! We are kind of in love with everything they’re doing. This necklace is no exception. Made from a real honeycomb and then painted gold to make it super magical. 
This necklace was included to remind us to smile and “BEE” happy. If you aren’t into jewelry this makes a great rear view mirror addition!
We didn’t know honey could come in sticks like this! Perfect addition to some hot tea….
Stash Tea
stash tea
Well whatddya know! These two little box extras are just to give you an added zen boost with a cozy cup of tea with honey!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. We LOVE, LOVE this box! The theme is excellent, we can only dream to be as focused and organized as a bee! The presentation is awesome – we adore the pamphlet! The quality amazing… every item is new to us and smells great! Curation… 5000 thumbs up? Can we do that? We just love this box – from the bath items (because we have had many realizations in the bath) to all the raw honey we are seriously impressed with not only this box but each item included. Definitely a great way to find your zen.
As far as box economy The ReVibe Subscription Box costs $39.95 and for that we received $86 in items which is OVER double the price of the box!

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