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put a case on me cover
Put a Case on Me is a custom cell phone cover website. Each cover is customizable and one of a kind per YOUR instructions. We designed ours and the hardest part was choosing which style we wanted – it was THAT easy!

put a case on me box
Covers are $34.99+ shipping and the selection is HUGE. There are either photo cases or monogram cases to choose from. Once you select the style there are a wide range of options that you can add on and change. After we decided on our favorite and ordered our case it arrived lightening fast!
The cover is two pieces and is called a “Tough Bumper”. The black is a rubber case and the designed exterior is a hard sturdy plastic outer shell that clips to the rubber inner layer. We really like this because it allows you to mix and match! They do make a one piece cover as well called a “Snap”.
We were lucky our husband has the same phone… this way we can use our phone to take pictures of his phone in our case.. (yes, total tongue twister). We chose this design because it spoke to us. It felt feminine but bold and we finally have something that has our name (spelled right!)
We customized our design as well by adding the bird and we think it’s awesome!

So in summary

Put a Case on Me is a perfect way to keep your cell phone fresh. Great if you have kids and want to show off their pictures or if you are like us and have a “unique” name or name spelling and never, ever got those personalized cups when you were little. We were very impressed with the selection and honestly had a hard time choosing one! We’re also impressed with the speed with which we received 
our case! And they ship international!
The prices is great and as an added bonus until 7/5 use code JULY30 at checkout for 30% off!

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