Glossybox Review + Unboxing | June 2016

Glossybox is a monthly beauty subscription box. Each month you can expect to receive full sized and deluxe size high end beauty and skincare items. Boxes are $21 monthly
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Check out the unboxy box video
Here’s the Box Breakdown
first glimpse inside the tony awards glossybox
Our first glimpse inside the “Tony Awards” June beauty box. And it is gorgeous in this beautiful cranberry color!
contents of glossybox
Everything that we received in our June Glossybox.
This is a good mix. 

So what is all this stuff?

glossybox insert
Each Glossybox comes with a detailed box insert. This month’s was also all dressed up for the red carpet!
Sebastian Professional Hair Oil
sebastian professional hair oil
This was just a little extra. We love hair oil though – particularly in the summer. It’s a small sample but we’ll definitely find a use for it
Sebastian Profession Whipped Creme
Sebastian professional whipped creme
We haven’t had a chance to use this quite yet but we believe it’s a bit like mousse? Apparently this is how you get your hair like a celebrities!
creme can top
The best part is that the top really does resemble a whipped cream dispenser! Don’t eat it though guys!
Sinful Colors Kylie Jenner Satin Collection
sinful colors kylie jenner
We were really surprised to have received a product like this in our Glossybox. This is a Target Beauy Box type item. We’ve received similar colors in two other beauty boxes for June so we are left thinking this is this summer’s color… at least as far as nails are concerned. We do like it but find that Sinful Colors isn’t the most lasting polish out there
Tan Towel Half Body Classic
tan towel
We actually tried these out of curiosity. We tried only one towel on places that we would normally receive sun (even our face – ahhhh!) It says that color will appear in 2-4 hours and last 7 days. We have slight change in color and it actually takes a lot (we are NOT complaining about that) to get a good bit of color. We just got a healthy glow… we are going to add the second towel tomorrow and see if we can build the color up! The towel itself has NO color so you aren’t actually sure how well you’re applying which can be a bit tricky.
LA Splash Lip Lacquer High Pigment Collection
la splash high pigment
Okay so first this color didn’t look appealing at all and we are never as pumped about glosses and lacquers as we are lipsticks but this says a cream to matte finish so we held out some hope
la splash on
The color on is gorgeous! And it is truly high pigment and also staining… so buyer beware. So having said that this does not ever become matte, at least not on us. It also wears off in a strange way… maybe we are wearing it wrong but it seems as though because this has such high pigmentation this wears a bit weird. It is however perfect for those flashbulbs!
Caolion Premium O2 Bubble & Cool Pore Pack Duo
caolion maks
We are most excited about receiving this item. This is a “pre-gaming” mask if you will. Meant to get your face glamour ready with the two masks. First, with the oxygen bubble mask that cleanses pores and then with the cooling mask that tightens and refines. We thought this was a carbonated mask when we first saw it and then realized it wasn’t but we are still exciting to try this out
Icona Milano Emotion Allowed Mascara
icona milano mascara
What night on the rec carpet would be complete without some waterproof black mascara!? 
You know who else wouldn’t be complete without it? 
Oh, it isn’t us. We have like 4,000,000,000 of these floating around and we’ll never get through them all! We’re sure this is wonderful and yes, it fits the them but really? 

So in summary

We love the theme and they really stuck to it and added only very traditionally glamorous seeming items. As far as did we LOVE it… we’ve had better Glossybox’s but we also aren’t going to complain about a $21 box that had well over $46 in items either. We always look forward to Glossybox and find that we find a lot of new products in them!

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