Le Petit Matisse Subscription Box Review + Exclusive Coupon | July 2016

le petit matisse box
The Le Petit Matisse is an all natural, non toxic, gluten free art subscription box for kids. Each box contains one of Le Petit Matisse’s products, an art adventure activity from a different part of the world and a fun surprise. Each box is $24.95 with the option of a sibling add on for $12.
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*product was received free for review / contains affiliate links

Check out the unboxy box video
Here’s the Box Breakdown
first glimpse in the le petit matisse subscription box
Our first glimpse inside the Le Petit Matisse Subscription Box
Everything is packed in there really securely and they use newspaper (which is eco friendly!) as filler
contents of le petit matisse subscription
Everything that we received in our Le Petit Matisse Subscription Box
We get so excited for these boxes! We know the kids will have a blast

So what is all this stuff?

box insert
Our box insert.
Art Adventure Journal
art adventure journal
This journal has all of our activities and information about our adventure for this month! 
The first page tells us we are going to France! There’s also a self portrait activity
The second tells us a bit about France and also about Henri Matisse the painter the box focuses on this month
Next we are introduced to Clay and “Objet D’Art” And also, because Matisse was famous for paper cutouts we have a cutout activity as well.
Next we come to our materials and instructions page for our clay project
Finally, we have tips for upcycling this box with the included materials
Scissors to help us complete our cutout project!
Multi Colored Sheets of Paper
multi colored paper
There were four sheets of paper included to make our cutout craft
Clay for our clay project! We aren’t sure of the weight but this is a large piece of clay
Le Petit Matisse Brushes
le petit brushes
We are in love with these paint brushes! These are custom brushes and they’re really high quality! The handles are thick and easy for kids to grip and manipulate
Aren’t they the coolest?
Le Petit Matisse Young Artist Paint
Le petit matisse young artist paint
This non-toxic all natural paint is plant based and safe! We received the three primary colors
primary colors
There’s also a small chart on mixing secondary colors which makes this a great way to get that lesson in!
Clay Sculting Tools
Included was a piece of floss to cut our clay, q-tips to keep your clay wet, and small paddles to help mold the clay
UpCycling Template
Use these templates to cut shapes from your box and go on a countryside adventure! This is a great idea as we are always stumped what to do with our boxes after we are through!

Okay, so now what?

Now we craft!
We started out by familiarizing ourselves with the information in the Art Journal. We soaked up all the info about France and Henri Matisse!
We started with the cutout craft – we also took this as an opportunity to do some teamwork! While this is for one child we rolled it into a group effort. Here is Belle cutting out her pieces!
Penny very much wanted to do a landscape. And so as the oldest she bossed everyone right into doing it!
It actually turned out pretty amazing
And, all that teamwork – without (too much) bickering! 
Our next activity was the self(s) portrait and it went smoothly!
Belle’s picture of herself is trick or treating.
Penelope’s is of her going to jail… uhh… okay?
Our Final Mission
We went for creative mode with the clay. Obviously, you can guide your children into making amazing constructs but this Mom keeps it realistic!
First thing is first cut the clay up and serve it out. Then roll it into a ball.
Not quite buddy… keep trying. 
More like it!
This is a bit like a pinch pot. Push your thumb into the center and press along the inside. Once you’ve gone around the entire length you can start shaping
About 5 minutes after Penelope painstakingly created this Oliver just came up and tore the edge off which led her back to the drawing board
Penny’s final project
Belle’s and Oliver’s (which we’ve sort of taken over)
All of the creations drying overnight! These kind of look like ancient artifacts.
We are going to let them dry and paint them tomorrow. If you’d like to see the end result remember to follow us on Instagram where we’ll do a big reveal!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. Le Petit Matisse is a fun subscription box that teaches kids not only about different places but also about art and artists. Working with the hands is important for developing coordination and creativity! The presentation is so great – the box is adorable and we love the way it’s packaged so carefully. The quality is awesome – the Le Petit brushes are AMAZING! Finally curation. Ahhh we just loved this box and the kids had such a blast doing this. We love the destination and Matisse as a choice since he is the boxes namesake! A great way to fill up your summer vacation days! 
As far as box economy a lot of what we pay for with subscriptions like Le Petit Matisse is the curation and we think this box is so reasonably priced for what we received! Love it!

Use code TREEHUGGER16 for 25% off your first box

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