Pique Tea Review

*product was received free for review
Pique Tea is a monthly tea subscription that sends you crystallized teas of your choice each month. $9.69 monthly gets you 14 servings of tea in a crystallized form.

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Here’s the Box Breakdown
We received four sample packages to try. Earl grey, jasmine, english breakfast, and sencha green tea. Each packet is a single serving and simple to use! Simply mix with 8 ounces of boiling water!
We decided to start with the Jasmine tea. Other than Rose tea this is our absolute favorite!
It appears more powdered than crystallized but smells very much like Jasmine tea
And tastes exactly like Jasmine! Seriously it’s almost as if it’s been steeped to perfection. The flavor is incredible
The next tea we tried was the English Breakfast
This is a much darker and a black tea so we were a little curious how this flavor would carry over.
It was delicious! Love the depth of this flavor – exactly what an English Breakfast tea should taste like!

So in summary

We think Pique Teas is an excellent option for the person on the go. Drop a pack of tea in your bag for running errands or while you’re at work and relax knowing your beverage of choice is along for the ride! We also love the flavor options – from herbal tea to black teas they’ve got something for everyone and at a reasonable price. $9.68 for 14 servings and 1 flavor and $17.38 for 28 servings and 2 flavors and finally, $30.89 for 4 flavors and 56 servings! 

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