Squint Box Subscription Review + Unboxing

squint box
Squint Box is a monthly subscription box for the mini lover in all of us! Each month you can expect to receive up to 6  – 1/12th scale miniature figures. Subscriptions are $29.95 monthly with reduced prices for longer subscription terms.
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Here’s the Box Breakdown
squint box package
The Squint Box is packaged safely inside an outer box. The actual box is packaged gorgeously – we had to redo the bow so it isn’t as nice in this picture. Refer to the unboxing if you’d like to see!
Our first glimpse inside
Our first glimpse inside the Squint Box. This is the sweetest box!
contents of the squint box
Everything that we received in the Squint Box. We love all of these tiny packages! Oh the cuteness we can’t take it!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts. Describe the theme of this box – Celebrations. Also explains the Squint Box Miniaturist Spotlight that uses a featured miniaturist each month to get subscribers to explore the world of minis!
Blue Berry Pie
Look at the little packages they each came in!? Is this not the most adorable thing ever? 
mitch hedberg
The back has a Mitch Hedberg quote and we love it!
Inside we find the most amazingly detailed blueberry pie it’s even in a tin pan! Even though it looks delicious we’d recommend not eating this!
The next package contained three items. All ridiculously detailed and unbelievably tiny!
The first are these Squint Branded white designer table candles with wicks. These are so cute! We think this is excellent for people that have dollhouses – as these are a great addition!
A teeny weeny extension cord. 6 millimeters long but full of character! We can’t get over how absolutely recognizable these items are – amazing representations!
Finally in this bag was a vintage Cosmopolitan magazine from 1964. The detail is incredible, the work in this tiny piece shows. All the words are legible and there are actually pages inside (albeit blank)
The back cover has a Coppertone ad that you can actually read! We are awed by the details!
The drinks packet
We heart this Robert Louis Stevenson quote!
Our first item in this packet is a bottle of California Red Wine! We think this makes a great little token to gift (great gift for THAT friend)
Inch scaled Cosmopolitan in a martini glass with a lemon twist. How much fun is this – a delicious drink on a hot summer day! 
From the top it truly looks like there is liquid in the glass. And how perfectly curled is the lemon twist?!
Designer Spotlight
This miniature is from Michael Yurkovic of Atomic Miniature. An industrial designer and toy maker who also makes miniatures. Best known for his mid century modern furniture and accessories.
This is actually an ashtray. This piece was created and signed just for the Squint Box Launch! 
Love the details! This is truly a mid century modern replica!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Squint Box is an adorable assortment of the tiniest items for collectors of all sizes. We are truly impressed with the details and the sheer size of everything! The presentation is excellent. Not only did everything arrive exactly as it should have, it was also packaged beautifully! The quality is amazing… if you like miniature items and collect or use them in your decor – you will love this subscription box! The curation is great. This is a great first subscription box and the celebrations theme is perfect! The designer spotlight is a great way to introduce people to artists as well, what a great way to get their names out there!
As far as box economy the Squint Box costs $29.95 monthly and we think it’s worth well more than that. We appreciate this on the artistic level and see the work that goes into each piece and find it truly wonderful!

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