Aroma Getaway Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | July 2016

aroma getaway box
Aroma Getaway is a monthly subscription box that takes you on an aromatic vacation with different eco-friendly scented goodies. Each box features a different destination with four scented items, a travel guide and other souvenirs. Subscriptions are $32.95 monthly
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first glimpse inside aroma getaway
Our first glimpse inside the Aroma Getaway Subscription and the destination is revealed… we’re going to Hawaii!
contents of the aroma getaway box
Everything that we received in our Aroma Getaway “Hawaii” Box!
How perfect is this? Who doesn’t wish they were in paradise right about now?!

So what is all this stuff?

our box insert
Our box insert that describes each item that we received
Noh Hawaiian Iced Tea Packet
NOH Iced Tea
This lemon flavored tea packet makes 1 quart of tea that includes a bit of Aloha in ever sip! We haven’t had a chance to try it yet but think this is an excellent way to bring the theme together!
Maui Pineapple Plantation Car Freshener
maui pineapple plantation car freshener
This car freshener from Destination Scentsations is a fruity summer treat! Boasting the pineapple – a long time symbol associated with Hawaii. We personally love receiving car fresheners in subscription boxes, it doesn’t happen too often and when it does it’s a special surprise!
Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts
mauna loa macadamia nuts
A Hawaiian staple! Love these macadamia nuts, we received the dry roasted original flavor
Our sister in law used to send these as gifts when her family lived in Hawaii – so they have a special place in our hearts!
Waikiki Tiki Teakwood Tealights
Another Destination Scentsations item is this set of four teakwood scented tealight candles. Earthy and complex this scent is somewhat similar to Sandalwood. Teakwood has been very popular historically for carving tiki in Hawaii and is still used to this day. Love this scent and we also really love the way the Destination Scentsations candles look. They’re very textured and sparkly looking – love it!
Hawaiian Mango Lip Balm
hawaiian mango lip balm
This stuff is AMAZING! With a mango butter base and macadamia nut oil this ultra creamy balm keeps lips moisturized and prevents chapping. 
We really loved both the flavor and the texture of this balm. The mango is dreamy and we think this is a great formula for everyday use.
North Shore Surfer’s Paradise Room Spray
surfer's paradise room spray
Our favorite item! This scent is so fabulous! It’s an ocean-y scent with a bit of summery florals and fruits mixed in. The mixture isn’t overwhelming though and each note is subtle but very present. Definitely spraying this one EVERYWHERE!
 Waimea White Gardenia Palm Wax Candle
gardenia candle
We LOVE Gardenia and we honestly had no idea this was a scent unique to Hawaii but it is! Love that this was the scent for the candle we received!
What a unique shape for the jar and got to love the glossy shine of the wax!
We cannot get enough of this scent! We definitely put this 4 ounce candle on the warmer immediately!
Oahu Revealed Travel Guide
oahu revealed
This comprehensive book gives you the ins on the best spots and how to make the most of your vacation in paradise!
It also happens to be full of great pictures to spark your daydreams. Can we please just be under this tree right now?!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, presentation. Aroma Getaway is a fun new subscription box that not only lets you learn about different travel destinations but also gives you some great scented goodies! The presentation is awesome! Everything is beautifully packaged and arrives exactly as it should. The quality is so good, love the scented items. Each scent is unique but very attached to Hawaii and we love that! Curation is great! We received a little bit of everything, some food, some reading material (full of great images) and of course our scented items (which it’s important to note are most connected to memory). We love this subscription box
As far as box economy Aroma Getaway costs $32.95 monthly and while we couldn’t find many of the prices for the different items that we received we feel like this subscription box is a great deal!

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