The Ticklish Giraffe Fan Fun Subscription Box Review | July 2016

*product was received free for review

the ticklish giraffe box
The Ticklish Giraffe is an etsy bath and body shop that makes incredibly fun and funky bath bombs and other products. Each month they release a themed subscription box called the Fan Fun Subscription Box that contains some limited items that work into the theme. It’s one of the quirkiest boxes that we’ve ever received and we lurve it! Boxes are $29.99 monthly

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first glimpse inside the ticklish giraffe
Our first glimpse inside the TTG Fan Fun Box for July. The theme is “Punny Rock” and we had an inkling it would be mostly bath bombs so we couldn’t contain our excitement about this one!
contents of our ttg fan fun box for july
Everything that we received in our TTG Fan Fun Box for July! This is like… NEXT LEVEL FUN. 

So what is all this stuff?

our box insert
Our box insert that details each of the items included
The back has our $5 coupon for the Ticklish Giraffe. Love the little “Know the Difference” in the bottom right corner!

And just to commemorate this box properly….
we made it it’s own playlist.
Each artist used in the puns.. our favorite song!

Dirty Deeds Dry Oil Spray

The Ticklish Giraffe Dry Oil Sprays are an amazing way to perfume yourself and keep skin hydrated at the same time. Great as an after shower spray this scent has a deep woodsy smell with a mint finish. Truly unique and very beautiful!

Fleetwood Macchiato Tubby Tornado
tubby tornado bath bomb

Typically because of the plastic wrapping you can’t smell the tubby tornadoes until you open them. This bomb was an exception, we could smell the creamy caramel and coffee when we opened the box!

Hold this bomb under the running water for bubble action! Love the way it looks and in case we haven’t said it before we always post our bath bomb videos to Instagram so get over there and follow us!

Pearosmith Tubby Tornado
black light bath bomb

If you watched the unboxing we knew one of the bath bombs was a black light bath bomb… but couldn’t figure out which one. Clearly we are losing our sight because right here it states “Black Light Bomb”
We can’t say how excited we are to receive this! Definitely the item we are most anxious to try out!
Our only concern was conjuring up a black light….

No worries The Ticklish Giraffe has us covered!

This will definitely be on Instagram sometime soon!

Bread Zepplin Tubby Tornado

Bread Zepplin may be the most cleverest of all the puns in this very punny box! Enjoy the scents of strawberry and bakery fresh vanilla!

We have to say that we love the red and black colors of this one and look forward to seeing this one in action!

Puns and Roses Tubby Tornado
tubby tornado

This Ticklish Giraffe Best Seller is a sumptuous mixture of real rose petals and lemon scents. All we know is they had us at rose petals – add lemon and you bet your butt this was the first bomb to blow!

rose petal bath bom

The bomb itself is COATED in petals… it’s so extravagant we just love it!

Here it is in action!

Tattoo “Sleeve”

The Ticklish Giraffe always adds in the most hilarious items that fit into the theme. What says rockstar more than a tattoo sleeve?

You know we were rocking that (at home behind closed doors of course)

In case you were wondering how tough we are… (not a whole lot going on there)
The kids have since stolen this and probably given their barbies a lot of great ink with it… who knows?

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Ticklish Giraffe is probably the best representation of a true subscription box. There’s loads of mystery and surprise each month. The themes really make this subscription truly unique and outstanding. The presentation is great. Everything arrives exactly as it should and is packaged wonderfully. The quality is excellent. Every item we receive from The Ticklish Giraffe is incredible. And curation is unmatched. The themes of the boxes are so thoughtful and put together so intelligently and creatively! This month was particularly fun for us and we just can’t wait to see what they’re up to next!
As far as box economy the limited nature of each of the items makes it hard to find box value but we think that the cost of this box at $29.99 is ridiculously reasonable. For any bath lover out there – you will NOT regret this!

Check Out The Ticklish Giraffe

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