Red Dirt Co. Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | July 2016

red dirt co. subscription box
Red Dirt Co. makes art and handmade goods inspired by nature. Each month they release the monthly surprise box with items made at Three Rocks Farm. Subscriptions are $40 monthly with reduced prices for longer subscription terms
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first glimpse inside red dirt co subscription box
Our first glimpse inside the Red Dirt Co. Subscription Box for July
We love the all natural aesthetic of this box
contents of red dirt co subscription box
Everything that we received in our July Red Dirt Co. Subscription Box. Love this very holistic assortment of items!

So what is all this stuff?

red dirt co subscription box insert
Our box insert that tells us the items included in the July box
Red Columbine Filler Paper
This may look like simple filler paper however fused into each shred are tiny Red Columbine seeds! We are glad it was printed on the card, otherwise we wouldn’t have known.
Chervil Seeds
what is chervil
We had to ask what Chervil was when we saw this seed packet. It is in fact an annual herb similar to parsley. We love growing new things and are excited to try our hand at this! Check out our What’s Up Wednesday posts for garden updates and our Instagram of course!
Green Salve
green salve
This green salve contains so many nourishing herbs! It’s usefulness with burns and other minor first aid issues makes this an excellent all natural alternative to ointments available in your local drug store
The color comes from the olive oil base – some of the herbs included are yarrow, comfrey, dried plantain leaf, dried rosemary.
The formula provides a thin barrier layer of protection which has very little smell.
Handmade Cicada Cards
handmade cicada cards
These gorgeous note cards have a cicada (the Red Dirt Co. logo) on the front. There were three included in the July Red Dirt Co. Box
Red Dirt Lip Balm
This little tin of lip balm left our lips super moisturized for hours!
This mildly minty flavored balm is a light formula that works in all temperatures. Quite nice and we love the tin!
Summer Hibiscus Tea
hibiscus tea
We love the crisp, slightly tart flavor of Hibiscus. The inclusion of the Chamomile lends this a more rich, deep flavor and the two go together beautifully!
The ingredients look so yummy! 
We love this colorful herbal tea – a great tea for any reading session with your favorite mug!
Jewelweed Linimint
jewelweed liniment
We weren’t sure what Jewelweed Liniment was when we first saw this container. We knew it had to be something topical and then we used this new thing (the internet?) and found out that Jewelweed is great for treating Poison Ivy, insect bites and Nettle Stings! 
Thankfully, we haven’t had a chance to try this out and hopefully won’t for a while!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Red Dirt Co. Subscription Box is an awesome handmade box full of lesser known but totally wonderful remedies! The presentation is amazing – we love that the filler paper is completely sustainable. The quality is wonderful, we love these handmade boxes and the very aesthetically pleasing feeling that we receive. The curation is great – this is an excellent box for the summer. From the tea to the liniment we received an fabulous mix of items.
As far as box economy the Red Dirt Co. Subscription Box costs $40 monthly and while we couldn’t find most of the prices because of the limited nature of the items included in the box we definitely feel like it’s well worth the price!

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