What’s Up Wednesday!?

It feels like forevvvver since I’ve done one of these!
The truth is that life is crazy busy and summer is a busy time – full of event after event after event!

Last weekend our husband tried his hand at a chili cookoff… he didn’t win – but he is always a winner to us! It was a friendly competition and the winner won – fair and square! We didn’t realize that chili could be so different because each of them were scrumptious but absolutely different!
YES! The 4th we had too many beers (3ish) and of course – traditional $150 box of costco fireworks! YAH BOY!
So yeah summer… what are we up to

We have a routine to keep the kids busy. It alternates depending on behavior / weather / etc. but pretty much fruit picking at a local orchard 
Super important to us that the kids get out and realize that food = work. 
To appreciate the gifts that nature gives!
We also do storytime at our library and hit up different local parks. 
There’s also a free children’s movie on certain days of the week.. but because of 
(the original screech owl)
We spare everyone else the pain of enduring her torment!
So yeah… we’re just running around doing our thing. And these kids are making us so tired! 

So what are we listening to? 

There’s another awesome artist we found but can not remember her name!


Hot Ones! Favorite thing on Youtube right now! 


Just started reading If I Stay – even though – pretty sure we’ve seen the movie. Purchased the book over a year ago and just want to get it off of the pile!

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