Roost Crate Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | August 2016

roost crate subscription box
Roost Crate is a brand new monthly subscription box that sends the farmer’s market directly to your door each month! You can expect to receive 4-6 carefully curated items from different artisans for your bath, body, and home. Subscriptions are $39.95 each month
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first glimpse inside roost crate
Our first glimpse inside Roost Crate for August which is their launch box! We had no clue what’s in here so we were very excited!
contents of roost crate
Everything that we received in our Roost Crate. This is such a great mix of items! A perfect mix of the best the farmer’s market has to offer!

So what is all this stuff?

roost crate box insert
Our box insert that explains a little bit about Roost Crate
The reverse details each of the items that we received
Canvas Tote Reusable Market Bag
roost crate tote bag
Love how large this is. We are frequent Aldi Shopper’s so a bag as large as this one can come in handy! Love the simple design and the heavy duty canvas! The perfect catch all for your farmer’s market finds!
barkeater chocolate
If you read this blog you know we prefer milk chocolate to dark. We are always fair and we always try the chocolate out but dark chocolate is just too bitter for our tastes most of the time. We of course opened this up and expected the usual deep dark chocolate flavor to wash over us followed by the aftertaste that it leaves and it did NOTHING of the sort!
This is our new favorite! This is just… perfect. There’s no bitter flavor whatsoever, and in fact it doesn’t taste like dark chocolate at all. While it does retain the complex savory depth of dark chocolate it’s somehow an amazingly rich and creamy bar with the perfect amount of salty!
And this is all that’s left!
V Smiley Preserves Rhubarb Vanilla Honey Jam
v smiley preserves
This is our first time trying Rhubarb so we can’t really pick apart what flavor it is in the mix. We will say this mixture of rhubarb, honey, apple, lemon juice and vanilla bean is probably the most complex jam we’ve ever tried!
Sweetened with honey there’s a beautiful marriage of sweet and tart that gives this jam a lot of depth 
 Our favorite part is probably the coarser texture to this jam. There are pieces of fruit – which is exactly how we like it!
T&j soap
This is a fabulous lip balm! The perfect size to keep in your pocket and made in a town we’ve been to – Troy, NY!
Love the little slide out tin. These tins always feel very old time-y to us. Something you’d find at a general store… or perhaps the farmers market
The lemon lime used isn’t the artificial scent we’re used to. There’s a crisp citrus scent as soon as  you run your finger in this balm. The texture is an excellent winter balm with a good bit of barrier protection. 
berry & Birch candles
There were two scents available in the August Roost Crate “Amish Harvest” and “Brown Sugar Fig”. We really love this scent! It’s sweet and clean and subtle – just enough scent to be there. 
Made with soy by a two woman team in Missouri we love that these are both eco and animal friendly! We also LOVE the jar!
o my goat milk soap
Honey and Oatmeal is one of our all time favorite soap scents – so when we opened the box and could smell this bar we were super pleased! Packed with real oatmeal this bar gently exfoliates while cleansing. Feel comfortable knowing this bar has no sulfates, parabens, phthalates, phosphates, gluten or palm oil. 

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation
Roost Crate is brand new and you guys know how much we love that! Despite their infancy they seem to have really hammered down the key elements in a subscription box like this one. The presentation is great, everything is packaged carefully and thoughtfully. The quality is excellent. This may be the most important factor in a box like this. When we buy from smaller sellers we expect a sense of pride in the product and we want to feel the artisan’s passion. That really came through with this box and each of the items that we received! The curation is also top notch. All different items from all over the country come together to form this solid mix! A job well done by Roost Crate!
As far as box economy the Roost Crate Subscription Box costs $39.95 monthly and for that we received $41.50 in items which is a good deal!

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