GoodScents Box by Scentsable Health Review + Unboxing | July 2016

goodscents box
The GoodScents Box is a monthly subscription box from online aromatherapy and essential oil seller Scentsable Health.. Each box has a kit or activity that involves essential oils along with tips and information about the items in the box. There’s also an online community to educate and accompany the subscription box. Subscriptions are $31 monthly with reduced prices for longer subscription lengths.
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first glimpse inside goodscents box
Our first glimpse inside the GoodScents Box. What a pretty little box!
contents of july goodscents
Everything that we received in our July GoodScents Subscription Box. We received all the ingredients to create a “Wake Up Sugar Scrub”

So what is all this stuff?

Our recipe to create our “Wake Up Sugar Scrub”
Safe usage of the included essential oils
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berry good organics
We were just browsing their site and it’s pretty amazing! We love Chai Tea so we’re pleased to receive this!
Raw Sugar
raw sugar
Of course this is for our sugar scrub. We’re guessing the coarseness of raw sugar is in our favor for good exfoliation. 
Coffee Grounds
coffee grounds
Coffee scrubs are amazing and so we are very excited that this is one of them. Just to be clear this is ground beans (not used) and it smelled amazing!
Grapeseed Oil
Grapeseed Oil for ultimate nourishment!
And the cap is just lovely!
Coffee Extract
In addition to the ground coffee we also received coffee extract or “Coffee CO2” which has no caffeine
Cardamom Essential Oil
cardamom essential oil
There was also one vial of Cardamom essential oil. This made the whole box smell amazing. If you aren’t familiar it’s a bit like cinnamon but with a more savory base note
We received two little pipettes to extract the oils and extracts from their containers

Okay, so now what?

Now we get to creating. The instructions are simple and to the point.
Mix all ingredients in a glass jar. So we added in the coffee first and then the coffee extract
Next we added in the Cardamom
Then the grapeseed oil
Now the raw sugar gets added to the mixture
We mix it all together and we get what looks like a mixture of soil and sand. 
Our final step is to add olive oil until we get a consistency that we like and put back into the container that was included in the GoodScents Box.
Our final product! How cool is that?

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The GoodScents Subscription Box is a great way to not only get a great knowledge of essential oils and their uses but also work with your hands and create things! The presentation is sweet! We love the little takeout box that everything comes in! The quality is great and curation is excellent! We received exactly what we need to create our scrub and we are super pleased with the outcome! 

Check Out the GoodScents Subscription Box

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