Stitch Fix #4 Review + Unboxing + Try On

This video is a hot mess. So we’re just gonna run through the items that we received which were awesome this month! First off though, if you aren’t familiar Stitch Fix is a monthly styling subscription where you pay  $20 and receive some clothes. You try them on and keep what you want and send the rest back within three days. The $20 styling fee is put towards your purchase and if you choose to buy everything you get a 20% discount.
Stitch Fix is awesome but it tends to be on the pricier side and for that we have never kept anything in our FOUR fixes.
Skies are Blue Napoli Halter Top
This pretty thin halter top has a gorgeous print and an even prettier silhouette.
Love the lining around the entire bottom of the garment. It gives this top a gorgeous flair!
Papermoon Lonni Crochet Back Knit Top
Our least favorite item… not our favorite color on ourself and the cut is not our favorite either.
We do love the knit back though!
Papermoon Caliti Crochet Detail Knit Top
Our favorite item! Love the color and the cut of this beautiful top. It fits like a glove and we love to really show off our silhouette. 
The best part of this top by far though, is the back! Love the lace embroidery that runs the entire length of the back!
Liverpool Esmerelda Denim Short
These are cute and the sizing was PERFECT! The only thing we kept coming back to with these though was that for $58 the colors seemed a bit trendy. No matter how fun and “now” something is we always think of when it’s “not now” and it’s “dated” 
Dolce Vita Jaelyn Woven Strap Sandal
Finally got shoes!!!! Yay! And these are reasonable priced! The color is pretty and we love the design! A win!

So in summary

This was a great fix and while we STILL didn’t keep anything (lol we never do, do we?) we definitely feel like Stitch Fix addressed our complaints. The prices have come down and those huge tent shirts have stopped coming! We are really happy with this fix and can’t wait to see what the next one holds!

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