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skin18 masks
Skin18 is an online retailer of natural beauty skincare. They sell masks, serums and lotions. Basically you name it as far as skincare is concerned and they’ve got you covered! They sent us a few items to try out (and if you know us and read this blog you know we LOVE skincare) so we are really excited to share our thoughts on all these goodies with you guys!
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Check out the unboxy box video

So what is all this stuff?

luke mugwort nose strip
This pore cleansing strip comes in a cutesy little package. The Luke Pore Strip in addition to removing dirt and blackheads contains something called Hamamelis which tightens pores once the strip is removed
The strip is a light blue color and is easy to apply. Just wash face and while skin is still wet apply and allow to dry on skin for 10-20 minutes
The Mugwort gives this a bit of an Earthy smell but this strip is BOMB! It works like a charm. We’d show you the photo of the strip after we took it off but it’s kind of gross. Just trust us – it’s great!
mirium sheet mask
Seriously, this mask is FREE all you have to do is pay shipping! The best part? It smells AMAZING!
We were most excited about this one because it contains lemon and we really believe lemons are magical!
Here are the instructions… it’s a sheet mask though so it’s pretty self explanatory!
Not the most flattering photo ever taken but here we are relaxing and wearing this fabulous smelling mask. This mask is for brightening and evening out tone. It left our skin feeling hydrated!
SOC intensive care mask
This mask has three steps. The first is a facial foam and peel. The second is a sheet mask and the final step is an anti-aging night cream
We LOVE this stuff. This is the first step and after washing it off our skin was flawless. We aren’t sure what’s in here but we wish we could buy this stuff by the bottle!
It’s a white cream, here we are wearing it
The other two steps are also nice! The three steps work together quite well and we were happy with the results! Here we are relaxing in the yard with the mask on (trying) to get some peace and quiet!
soc beauty mask lipidure
This mask is also eligible for FREE (just pay shipping)! Important to note that you can only receive ONE free mask per customer. So if you decide to get the first mask free you’d have to pay ($1.80) for this one
This was probably the most liquidous mask that we received but we really like the way it felt on our skin! This is a 3D mask as well so it contours to the skin much better than other sheet masks.
This made our skin fabulous. It’s intended to prevent freckles and blemishes caused by sunburn and enhance the skin in general. Definitely yielded awesome results, our skin was glowing!
Our favorite item that we received!

So in summary

Skin18 is a great way to build up your skincare collection. We love the selection of items that we received and love that they offer a FREE mask! Just browsing around Skin18 it’s clear they have a huge assortment of products (there’s something for everyone) and everything is friendly to your wallet as well! It’s so much fun trying out new skincare – you never know when you’ll find your next holy grail item!
What are you waiting for?

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