Teabook Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | July 2016

teabook subscription box
Teabook is a monthly subscription box that sends you pre-portioned tea for 16 days of the month. There are three varieties in each box including one rare “Special Collection” tea. You also receive a tea tumbler which allows you to steep your tea and strain as you drink! Subscriptions are $24.99 monthly
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first glimpse inside teabook subscription box
Our first glimpse inside the Teabook Subscription Box. Everything is boxed separately. As you can see there’s a box for tea and also one for the tea tumbler.
contents of teabook subscription box
Everything that we received in our box!

So what is all this stuff?

box insert
Our box insert
The reverse explains how to use the tumbler. In the unboxing we explained it wrong. Clearly the leaves go directly into the double wall tumbler. 
teabook pre-portioned tea packages
Our Teabook Subscription Box had a total of 17 packets of tea. 
8 Green Tea packets, 8 Oolong Tea packets, and one packet of Mu Dan King (which is a rare white tea)
All Teabook teas are selected for superiority. They contain no fillers or additives and what you receive is pure tea! They do this by creating relationships with the growers directly.
Green Tea
green tip green tea
Eight green tea packets were included. On the back of each packet is the type of tea, the origin, and the steeping temperature. Notice there isn’t a steeping time – because you can not over steep Teabook teas!
Mu Dan King 
mu dan king tea
We love the crisp flavor of white tea so this is definitely something we were eager to taste!
The back again tells us more about this tea and Teabook’s “Special Collection”
Love the pretty silver leaves on this one!
The flavor is deep and rich
Oolong Tea
And finally, our Oolong. We really enjoy Oolong so we figured we’d try this “Oriental Beauty” first!
Loose leaf tea is always so pretty!

So now let’s try out the tumbler!

The tumbler is double walled so you don’t burn your hands. It’s a really great quality and pretty sleekly designed as well!
The top twists apart to reveal a strainer. This way we can sip our tea without getting leaves in our teeth!
The strainer is fully detachable so you can wash it with no worries and it simply pops back into place
There’s our oolong waiting to be steeped!
Here it is directly after putting in the water
Here is is after being steeped for about 5 minutes. 
An amazing way to drink tea! Definitely a revolution! Tea infusers usually lose their integrity and allow small fragments of leaves to get through but this had nothing like that at all and we LOVE it!
We will be using tea tumblers INDEFINITELY!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Teabook Subscription Box is great for people who enjoy quality tea but have busy lives. It’s simple and easy but also excellent! The presentation is beyond great! We love the boxes and how safely everything is packaged. The quality is fantastic – both the teas and tumbler are amazing. We really have enjoyed getting to use the tumbler! The curation is also awesome. We receive a small variety and something different and rare in each box, which kind of makes us swoon! 
As far as box economy we think that the Teabook Subscription Box is an excellent value! 

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