Stickii Club Subscription Review + Unboxing | July 2016

stickii  club subscription
Stickii Club is a monthly sticker subscription that sends you one of three sticker sets each month. There is the cute set which includes kawaii and pastel elements. There is the retro set which includes earthy and nostalgic elements. And finally there’s the pop set which includes bright and trendy elements. Each comes in their own unique colored envelope (we received the cute set!) and is $10 monthly!
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
pink stickii envelope
We didn’t do a first glimpse inside because it was pretty self explanatory to us! Just a pink envelope full of cute stickers!
contents of stickii club subscription
Everything that we received in our Stickii Club Subscription!
PUPPIES! Oh so many cute little doggies!

So what is all this stuff?

French Bulldog Sheet
french bulldog stickers
Oh em geeeeee! We aren’t “dog” people but these stickers bring out our sappy animal lover heart! We can’t even handle all these French Bulldog’s wearing glasses, seriously! We also love the two toned way these are colored, very modern!
Kawaii Puppies Sheet
kawaii puppies
This sticker sheet has super glossy dog stickers in a lot of different breeds. At a glance we see a poodle, lhaso apso, pomeranian, daschund, and a whole bevy of others
The best part of these is that they are slightly raised and have a great sensory appeal! Definitely a kid pleaser!
Gun Mang Zeung Stationary Stickers
gun mang zeung stationery
Our favorite sheet – mostly because it has a lot of quirk and also very cute! Catch this dog in all sorts of interesting situations from building a snowman, to hanging stars, to snuggling by the fire. He’s happy and that makes us happy!
Dog Breed Sheet
dog breed sheet
This sheet has a great cartoon assortment of different dog breeds. We love that they include some of the “giant” breeds because those are our favorite. Also, none of the stickers on this sheet repeat which is pretty cool
Dog and Cat Washi Tape
kawaii washi tape
We love washi tape! We use it to cover our address in all our photos and videos. Look for this cute tape in upcoming reviews
We love that it’s a mix of puppies and kitties! So precious
Akita Sheet
akita stickers
If you love Akita’s then you will love this one. But we also have to giggle at the other stickers also on this sheet. There’s a teapot, sushi, and flip flops thrown into this mix as well. Super fun and cute!
Dogs in Real Life Sheet
These are the most realistic of all the stickers but they are wearing the most ridiculous items like glasses and top hats. Also, participating in sports… we are going to gift these to a friend because we know they will truly appreciate these!
Dog Head Stickers
Along with our six sheets of stickers we also received ten single stickers in the shape of dog’s heads! We love the Spudz Mckenzie Sticker the most! 

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Stickii Club Subscription is a great way to get your little ones creating or even for yourself if you papercraft or write letters. Definitely a great dose of cute! The presentation is awesome! They come in a cute and unmistakable package. The quality is perfect, everything that we received was great! Curation is amazing with Stickii Club – they’ve collected some of the most obscure stickers that we’d never find ourselves to include in this box. It makes us smile and laugh and is too cute to handle!
As far as box economy we definitely think the $10 price tag is worth every penny with this one. We received six sticker sheets, single stickers and washi tape! We think that’s pretty great!

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