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vita five subscription box
VitaFive is a monthly vitamin subscription (and pretty much the first of it’s kind). You’ll receive 28 pre-portioned vitamin packets every 4 weeks.There are a number of options to choose from including; The Immune Pack, The Sleep Pack, The Beauty Pack, The Heart Pack, The Essential Pack, The Active Pack, and The Brain Pack. They also have options to customize your own and there are vitamins for children as well (and with 3 different options)! Subscriptions range from $14.99 to $34 – so there’s really something for everyone! 
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first glimpse inside the vitafive subscription box
Our first glimpse inside the Vitafive Subscription
contents of Vitafive
We received a sample package so there are 14 pre-portioned packages. However a typical 4 week supply from VitaFive includes 28 packages. We love how easy this makes taking your vitamins each day! Impossible to mess up or forget!

So tell us more!

VitaFive is unique because of it’s options. Packets are customized for the person they’re sent for and you can even build your own pack. You’ll receive your box every four weeks so you don’t have to worry about remembering to pick them up at the store (we always forget).
We were impressed with the packaging. We love that it makes traveling so much easier. We’ve literally packed vitamins in Ziploc bags before and this is so much more aesthetically pleasing!
Here you see the front and back of the VitaFive packet as well as the individual vitamins.  If you subscribe, on the package it will have your name in the “Your Name” spot. A great thing if you order for your whole family! The biggest surprise to us – was we that imagined a vitamin with the three supplements in one but we actually received individual vitamins for each! How cute are the orange slices! Since we received the Beauty Pack we received 2 of the Biotin, 3 of the Omega 3, and 2 of the Vitamin C (the orange slice). If you are concerned with the taste – they are really quite yummy! 

What about the other packs?

vitafive active pack
Here is the Active Pack – perfect for people who are fitness minded and physically active. Includes CoQ10 as well as Calcium and D3
vitafive brain pack
Here is the Brain Pack –  great for focus and cognitive performance. Includes 2 Omega 3 and 2 Vitamin D
vitafive essential pack
Here is the Essential Pack – tackles deficiencies most Americans deal with on a daily basis. Includes 2 Multivitamins and 2 Omega 3
vitafive heart pack
Here is the Heart Pack – promotes the reduction of blood pressure, inflammation and blood lipids. Includes 2 CoQ10 and 2 Omega 3
vitafive immune pack
Here is the Immune Pack – it protects the body from erroneous immunological activity and defends against foreign invaders. Includes 3 Vitamin C and 2 Vitamin D3
vitafive sleep pack
Here is the Sleep Pack  which regulates sleep and supports body restoration. Includes 2 Melatonin and 2 Multivitamin

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription; quality, curation, and presentation. We are so impressed with VitaFive! This is an awesome subscription for busy people who really want to stay healthy. We love the customizations as well as the convenience. The presentation is awesome. The packages are labeled which is awesome and quite cutely at that! The quality is great – the vitamins are so cute and tasty. Curation is also outstanding… they’ve curated a number of different options to choose from so that there’s something for everyone and still if you need to fill a gap they have the customizable package which we think is a great idea!
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