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newbie shade
Meet the Newbie Shade a Car Sea Sun Shade created by a husband and wife team. These car seat canopies are perfect ways to keep the sun out of your little one’s eyes and also give you visibility of your baby at the same time. Newbie Shades are $25 each and their site has tons of different color / pattern options

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So explain how it works!

The Newbie Shade is made of a lightweight fabric (there are many patterns to choose from). We asked to be surprised with ours and were pleased with this blue and gray chevron pattern.
The reverse side is a really cool gray and white blocked pattern. We love gray so we are just swooning!
The Newbie Shade looks more complicated than it actually is. All you need to do is securely fasten the clips around both the headrest directly in front and back of babies car seat. The Newbie Shade will naturally lay over the seat.


As you can see the instructions are clear and simple
You can adjust the straps to fit to your vehicle (straps should be taut). At first we were concerned because we have a minivan and we kind of have our seat way too close to the steering wheel but it fit just fine!
This is the view from the drivers seat. You can still see baby in the reverse mirror! We love this feature – paranoid parents everywhere rejoice!


Vivienne is 15 months old. Lots has changed since we had our first child – one of them is carseat laws. Children now legally have to be rear facing until the age of two so Vivienne is stuck riding reverse for 9 more months. We were kind of concerned that she would try to rip the shade down (she is kind of mischievous like that.) I mean, look at the picture… she looks like she’s thinking about it. The great news is she refrained! In fact she really enjoyed herself back there. 
And you can always flip the side up so you can get some sisterly chit chat going as well!

So in summary

We think the Newbie Shade is a genius idea – particularly so for infants and the under one year old set. Without the commotion from the windows this allows baby to lull to sleep more easily making road trips much more endurable. We love the patterns and think they’re absolutely precious! We wish these had been around for all four of our kiddos! We love supporting small business so this is an excellent way to give back to a family owned business and also get a great new piece of baby gear!

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