Bloomin’ Bin Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | August 2016

bloomin bin subscription box
Bloomin’ Bin is a monthly gardening subscription box. Each month covers a different container or garden item to grow. There are a number of subscription options. There’s the mini garden bin for $9 which contains one seed variety and there’s also the mini container which has the same items but also includes the container for $10. The next tier is the Basic Garden Bin for $14 which includes a variety of items and then the Basic Container Bin (what we’re reviewing) which is guaranteed to contain at least one pot for $16. The final tier is the Premium which includes the Premium Garden Bin for $23 and includes the same items as the basic but also includes extras. And finally there’s the Premium Container Bin for $25 which is the same as the Premium Garden but also includes the pots!
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first glimpse inside bloomin bin
Our first glimpse inside Bloomin’ Bin. So exciting!
contents of bloomin bin
Everything that we received in our August Bloomin’ Bin. The theme for this month is “Microgreens” 
If you watched the unboxing we weren’t aware but we were definitely excited by the contents. And now, knowing the theme is Microgreens, it’s all making sense to us now.

So what is all this stuff?

This insert explains how to use each method to grow the green included in the box. 
This insert explains each item that came in our Bloomin Bin for August
Confetti Flowers
A little bit like a seed bomb, each of these confetti flowers contains a seed mixture. We were really excited to see that there were Zinnias included in this mixture – they’re one of our personal favorites!
Slow Bolt Arugula Seeds 
There were about 150-250 of these seeds from Mountain Valley Seed Co. included. We are huge Arugula fans, so this is definitely something we are excited to be learning how to grow. 
Parris Island Cos Romaine Lettuce Seeds
An heirloom lettuce with a classic Romaine flavor. There were 150 -250 of these seeds included as well. We’d like to take a second to share what “Slow to Bolt” means because it was used to describe this lettuce and also in the name of the Arugula. We had to look it up but basically you need to understand the term “Bolting” which means the plant going to seed (and usually followed by death). Bolting occurs without any real yield of the plants offerings and is a big disappointment. So, “Slow to Bolt” means it’s a variety chosen for being a long bloomer.
Jiffy Pellets
These allow you to start roots for full sized heads of lettuce. There were eight included in our box 
One side has a small hole to put your seeds in that allows a net to form around it.
Spray Bottle
We also received a 4 ounce spray bottle which allows us to easily add moisture without over watering our plants. 
And it came with it’s own label as well
Growing Mats
We received four growing mats which are expressly used for growing Microgreens. They allow the water to drain and also keep the seed in place
Grow Trays
These two grow trays allow us to easily grow our plants while also allowing for drainage because of added holes for drainage. These need to be used with a drip tray that you can purchase separately but tupperware containers also work

Ok so now what?

Now we get to growing!
Because there are two growing methods included we wanted to try both. So as you can see on one side we have our jiffy pellets and the other has our growing mat. 
Following the instructions included we place the jiffy pellets hole side up  and cover with water until they expand. Then we place a few seeds in the center of each. And that’s it for now. 
Check out our Instagram for updates – these will have to be transplanted in a few weeks
For our next method we are using the Arugula with a growing mat. These instructions are just as simple as the first. Place the grow mat in the tray and spray with water. Sprinkle with seeds and spread them around. 
Pour water into tupperware and allow the mat to soak up water. Add water as needed.
These can be harvested in 5-10 days and once again when they are three inches

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Bloomin’ Bin is a great way to get your hands dirty (okay not so much with this box but you know what we’re talking about) and really try planting (and harvesting) something new, different and wonderful! The presentation is great – the box is adorable and everything arrives exactly as it should. The quality is awesome, love how the items included are pretty new to us and so we really feel like we’re gaining tools that will helps us not only now but also in the future. The curation is awesome – we couldn’t have picked a better box for ourselves. We never grew anything with the methods included in this box and we feel like this was a great learning experience. 
As far as box economy we feel like the Bloomin’ Bin offers such a great range of prices for each type of gardening level. And definitely a great experience for the money! A great deal!
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