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rethink water
RETHINK Water is an environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water. The package is made from 70% paperboard which is a renewable source and the water is filtered with reverse osmosis. Because it’s biodegradable, if the package should get tossed into the trashcan it will break down in the landfill. Whereas a bottle of water will last for like… ever.

*product was received free for review

The Mission

drink rethink water mission
The mission of RETHINK Water is pretty simple. Make delicious water – reduce plastic – and give back to the world! 

The Claims

100% Recyclable

Free of Chemicals and Impurities

Made from Renewable Paperboard

Filtered with Reverse Osmosis

Bottle Design Made for Efficient Transportation

Balanced pH of 7.5

The water itself comes from community water sources and is filtered using reverse osmosis.
We’ll be totally honest in saying that we really don’t understand much about reverse osmosis and will trust them on that one!
The paperboard used is chosen carefully and is harvested from trees that will re grow naturally.

Final Thoughts

We feel really strongly about not using bottled water... like really strongly. If you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint (and we hope that you are) RETHINK Unbottled Water is an amazing option for you. Not only is it pure and good for you but it’s also good for our planet, our home Earth.
These are also reasonably priced – you can get a 12 pack for $24.99 on Amazon
We took this along with us tonight for our evening stroll and it was awesome! Definitely check RETHINK Water out!

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