Kiss Breath Mist Review + GIVEAWAY!

kiss breath mist
Kiss Breath Mist is an American made breath spray that comes in six amazing, delicious flavors and the most adorable packaging. And we are so excited because one of our lucky followers is going to win a 12 pack! The same thing that we are reviewing here for you guys today! 
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*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

So tell us more!

We received a 12 pack case of Kiss Breath Mist. Ours is an assortment but if you try it out and become a loyalist you can get a case of just one flavor as well. One case is $22.99 or you can buy a 6 pack for just $14.49
kiss breath mist packaging
The first thing you notice is this really mod kind of packaging. It sets this brand apart. The red and white in the fun 70’s lettering is fun and quite frankly if we saw this at the store – it would totally lure us in! 

So.. you said six flavors?

The first in the package is the lemon breath mist. This is a mix of lemon and mint and tastes a bit like a honey cough drop. The girls thought these were lip glosses because of the cute bottles. They’ve been eyeing them up in hopes of absconding one since we unboxed them
One of the things that we like the most about these is that they use sucralose instead of xylitol or sorbitol as a sweetener. We find that both sorbitol and xylitol have a harsh after taste (for us) but sucralose (commonly called Splenda) has much less aftertaste 
whip cream raspberry breath mist
This is the whip cream raspberry breath mist. Same cute packaging just a different color. The taste though, wow! This one is yummy. There is a definite cream flavor and that base note of mint. We would describe this one as more of a summer flavor whereas the lemon was more fall or winter
This is the vanilla flavor and our personal favorite. The immediate flavor is very minty but the smooth vanilla lingers in your mouth! It is tasty!
cinnamon kiss breath mist
Here we have our two containers of cinnamon breath mist. The packaging fooled us because we thought this was orange then we smelled it and knew we were wrong! This is the only mist that you can’t taste the base note of mint… it’s cinnamon all the way.  Great if you don’t like mint
The strawberry is nice – on par with the flavor of Bubblemint Orbit gum. Of all the packages we love this color the best!
Our final breath mist is just a straight forward peppermint flavor. This is pretty strong – this would be your big guns… so if you eat something with garlic or onions I’d bust out one of these guys!

So what do you think?

We love that these are a cute little accessory! The packaging really sets these apart from the other breath sprays available on the market. The flavors are yummy and if you are picky there’s something for almost everyone! 
Want to win your own case? Head over to our Instagram (we’ll be posting giveaway details tomorrow) and enter

Kiss Breath Mist

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