Die Cut Club from Green Duck Sales Review + Unboxing | August 2016

die cut club unboxing
Die Cut Club is a monthly subscription box from Green Duck Sales and etsy seller of die cuts. The Die Cut Club sends you a monthly package of themed paper die cuts. Subscriptions are $10 with reduced prices for longer subscription terms
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside this month’s package! What could it be…? 
If you remember last month we received a 4th of July themed package.

So what did we get?

Hamburgers and Aprons
To keep from inundating you guys with image after image we tried to group items with “like” items. This is the “hamburger apron” grouping as we so affectionately call it. If you can’t already tell this month’s theme is BBQ!
Lil’ Ketchup Pig
This little cutie has to be this month’s spirit animal! He’s just happy there’s no pork on the menu! (They are all beef hot dogs!)
Cow Grillmaster
Is he not the cutest? Love all the glitter added onto this one. Great way to dress up an invite or even a scrapbook page!
Steak King Pig
This sort of reminds us of the Chik-fil-A cow? Where he is just so happy you are choosing chicken? That’s how this guy feels about steak!
Shish Kabobs
And of course we can’t leave out the unarguable king of the BBQ – shish kabobs! They are one of our favorites!
The children (and animals) remind us very much of Precious Moments with their big puppy dog eyes! Love some of the embellishments on these. The glitter hair band and jewels in the bows are too precious. And we love the little guys apron “kiss the cook”
Aww how sweet! The little pig brought the ketchup and the mustard and the cow brought the BBQ sauce!
Hot Dogs and Grills
Our final group of items includes a steak, hot dogs (we love how the ketchup and mustard on these looks glossy and real) a charcoal grill, and three bags of potato chips! All the essentials!

So in summary

We can’t do our typical breakdown with a subscription like Die Cut Club but we can say that we love the surprise and how cute each die cut is. There is a lot of work and effort not only in the design of these but also putting the whole theme into play and we really appreciate that! We think this is an amazing subscription if you do any kind of papercraft – be it scrapbooking, cardmaking, even party decorating. You can’t beat the Die Cut Club‘s amazing $10 price!

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